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zaya 12 year rumZaya  12 Year Rum  is vibrant, medium-sized rum with lots of vanilla including flavors of cinnamon for over 12 years aged in recycled bourbon barrels. It was formerly manufactured in Guatemala; however, it is now manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago. This item used to have a 12-year aged remark but currently, the bottle just shows the figure “12” on its labels. This figure implies that the Zaya Gran Reserva is composed of a mixture of 12 rums. For those searching for a slight simple sweetness and leaning toward yummier rum beverages, this is a great choice.


Fast Facts About Zaya 12 Year Rum

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Zaya 12 Year Rum Notes

  • Palate: Zaya Gran Reserva 12 premieres with enormous layers of vanilla, pimento, and caramel syrup that transforms into lovely vanilla, oak, and chocolate on the tongue. It contains excellently-integrated spices and is accompanied by glimpses of charred orange peel underneath a shimmer of paved heat. 
  • Nose: It has an alluring nose consisting of fresh fruity scents like cooked apple as well as a touch of vanilla plum with it.
  • Finish: The end is delicious and persistent, with ever-declining warmth. It is surely sweet yet skillfully composed. 

Zaya 12 Year Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

Zaya 12 Year Rum has a vertically oriented, cylindrical thick-bottomed plain glass bottle accompanied by a rectangular sticker. It also has a palm cover with a black collar cover and a true cork seal. Happily, unlike a few of its rivals, it doesn’t include the South American anti-replenish system built in the top of its bottle.

The Rum Itself 

The Zaya 12 Year Rum is wonderfully colored dark bronze rum with perfect transparency. On shaking, it forms an extremely light layer over the glass with broad thin legs forming gradually with drops slipping down the bottom of the bottle.

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Zaya 12 Year Rum: Our Personal Take

The Zaya 12 Year Rum is wonderfully produced rum with a great blend of sweetness and spice. It is admired for its tones of vanilla, chocolate, nutmeg as well as apple flavor. It is made with perfection and quality by neither being overly sweet nor being too hot. With its ABV being only 40 percent, it is not too alcoholic like its competitors. The Zaya 12 Year Rum is expensive but, it takes you to a different world when it touches your palate. The distinct tastes and smoke makes it extremely delicious and not too sour. It tastes even better when toppings like cherry and ice are added to it.

Final Thoughts

The Zaya 12 Year Rum tastes extremely good and people love it. It is a bit expensive but you will not regret buying it. It is not like other rums that are either too sweet or too spicy, but it is a perfect mixture of sweetness and spices. So, it is recommended to taste it once!

Happy Drinking!

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