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zacapa dark rumRon Zacapa Dark Rum was originally produced in 1976 within the Guatemala highlands, at which it is extracted from natural cane juice until processing at 62° F (17° C) at 7544 feet. The process that is used to produce Ron Zacapa 23 in white bourbon barrels has been the 500-year-old Spanish Sistema Solera technique.

This happens in a mixture of 6 to 23 years old rums. The latest bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 contains a woven string across the middle, referring to the traditional handcrafted palm leaves label wrapping the bottle.



Fast Facts About Zacapa Dark Rum

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Zacapa Dark Rum Notes

  • Palate: Zacapa Dark Rum is among the most satisfying dark rums to have a smooth taste. The sweet tastes of coffee beans, caramel, cocoa as well as dark chocolate emerge initially, and then few healthy citrus and passion fruit revive the palate along with green spice flavors, cinnamon and gingering. 
  • Nose: Zacapa Dark Rum is rich in strength, aromatic with wood tones. It has the sweet scent of fruits, vanilla, almond, cocoa, toasted oaks, and subtle spices.
  • Finish: The prolonged finish has sugar, pipe nicotine, cedar, and grilled nuts tastes. It is highly appealing and delicious.

Zacapa Dark Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

The Zacapa Dark Rum bottle comes in a stunning decanter made of crystal, capped with a premium cork sealer. It is among the most enchanting presentations of bottles. An elegant style is accomplished by a brass colored logo and a swirl of brass all around the bottle’s top part. Also, the latest display of the bottle arrives in an elegant box.

The Rum Itself

The Zacapa Dark Rum is deep, reddish-colored amber. The actual color is a bit complicated. Lighting may make it look red and gold-colored, as well as black simultaneously! The rum is mild viscous that makes it look like a bit liqueur, instead of rum.

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Zacapa Dark Rum: Our Personal Take

The Zacapa Dark Rum is a blend of aged solera as well as a broad selection of recycled barrels that produce massively complicated rum with a vibrant fragrance and taste. It is adorned for its blends of raw sugar, spices, softly sweet with cinnamon taste. It is the best with a less percentage of alcohol in it. There is no question that it is an excellent rum that is perfect for the cost. At the start of sipping, it is delicious and perfectly sweet and remains until the final moment. Its taste holds ambiguity yet it has no off tones or dissatisfaction, every flavor works in unity. Both the wood and cinnamon carry it together.

Final Thoughts

The Zacapa Dark Rum is a complex, yet delicious rum with all the spices and sweetness blended into it. If you love sweet tastes, then this rum is highly recommended. 

Sweetness all the way!

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