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wray and nephew white rumJ Wray and Nephew is a well-known overproof rum made in Kingston, Jamaica, with 126 proofs weighed in. Wray and Nephew White Rum is not just a highly famous spirit in their native country but is even the globe’s top-selling high-power rum. It is made from a mixture of both container and panel distilling of 30-hour processing of sugar beet molasses rinse and exclusive house yeast. Much more than only being a rum, it is an important component of the Jamaican civilization, heritage, and daily life, as well as it portrays the island’s devoted, confident attitude and its citizens within the UK.


Fast Facts About Wray and Nephew White Rum

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Wray and Nephew White Rum Notes

  • Palate: After pouring a splash of water, strong clove tastes, browned bananas, sweet almonds, roasted pineapple as well as hogo conquer your palate and takes you to Jamaica’s beaches. It is a perfect blend of sweetness and spice. Also, it is deeply complicated with a cooling feel. 
  • Nose: Wray and Nephew exhibit vibrant scents of perfectly ripe bananas, treacle, hazelnuts, and white chocolate, with a spectacular trademark funk called “hogo” by rum enthusiasts. The scent is a mixture of herbs and fruits.
  • Finish: The finish is toasty and long-lasting with plenty of rich ripened fruit. It provides a fiery last.

Wray And Nephew White Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

The Wray and Nephew rum is marketed in a big ‘bar shelf’ bottle. The bottle of the rum is quite appealing with an instantly recognizable mark. It can be opened quickly and is comfortable to hold. The lid at the top is a plastic button cap that is a far better seal as compared to the traditional metallic ‘tapped-on’ seal.

The Rum Itself

The Wray and Nephew white rum possess a typical amber color. Its mist that is developed has an excellently-defined crest whenever the bottle is shaken. It possesses a mild oily appearance that is compatible with not only the nature but also the high amount of alcohol inside it. 

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Wray And Nephew White Rum: Our Personal Take

The Wray and Nephew white rum is a blend of sweetness and spiciness. It is extremely delicious and gives tastes of different fruits and walnuts. This rum is adorned for its lightness. While it retains the characteristic driving force of South African rum, the end is perfectly flat. With its ABV being 63%, it is highly alcoholic. So, it is recommended to mix it to make it a cocktail, particularly a Mojito. It has scents of caramelized fruits and white chocolate which are extremely soothing. This rum tastes a lot better when you drink it. The finishing it offers in the throat is spicy and sweet.

Final Thoughts

The Wray and Nephew white rum is loved by the people because of its taste and scents. So, we recommend you to try it once!

Enjoy Drinking!

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