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whaler's dark rumWhaler’s Dark  Rums are indeed a series of rums allegedly influenced by Hawaiian traditions but manufactured nowadays at Heaven Hill Distilleries within Kentucky. Whaler’s Original Dark Rum is a stronger and more resistant terminology intended for full-bodied treacle taste. Whaler’s Rum is manufactured from Maui’s ancient rum makers as per a typical Hawaiian formula and is accessible in simple and famous flavors, all packed in distinctly formed bottles with vivid, lively Hawaiian illustrations. Heaven Hill claims that this is the single “floating rum” and recommends it as the ideal addition to any refreshing cocktail. The most noticeable tastes in this Rum include spices, cocoa powder, ginger malt, and citrus. 


Fast Facts About Whaler’s Dark Rum

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Whaler’s Dark Rum Notes

  • Palate: Whaler’s Dark Rum is flavorsome, seamless, and has finely balanced spices with fruity tastes, accompanied by aromatic honey, tasteful vanilla, as well as a glimpse of walnut. Everything is coated in rich, salted orange extract.
  • Nose: Whaler’s Dark Rum gives the scent of a delicious cake filled with nuts. Moreover, it also gives hints of vanilla and orange with an aroma of spices.
  • Finish: The finish is mixed with hints of oak and spicy vanilla and is persistent. It has a considerable spicy pepper finish. It just makes you craving for more.

Whaler’s Dark Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

Whaler’s Rum bottle has more of an aged-school style. The iconic dark tag is not nearly as elegant as the logos are within the company of the Whaler for the flavorful rums. The Whaler’s rums manufacturers have labeled their seal in dark color to reflect the anticipated interior flavor. It is extremely easy to find the bottle through the brownish topper.

The Rum Itself

The Whaler’s Dark Rum fits its title. Undoubtedly, the rum is black. It is so much dark that it initially looks like a lovely rich deep brown color is stained on this rum’s bottle. This Dark Rum is a relatively young essence from its original formula of spectacular flavorings and maybe vanilla flavoring that gains its color and sweetness. The liquid shine it has is extremely thinner when poured in the glass.

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Whaler’s Dark Rum: Our Personal Take

Whaler’s Dark Rum is iconic rum which is extremely delicious and can be sipped in a cocktail. It is indeed the best topping on a cocktail. It has scents of vanilla, orange, and nuts that are quite soothing. With its ABV just about 40%, it is not too alcoholic like other rums. This dark rum tastes as better as it looks. With the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness, it gives pleasure from the first sip to the last one. The fiery finish makes you crave for more glasses of this exceptional rum.

Final Thoughts

Whaler’s Dark Rum is a flavorful rum that is loved by the people. Its scent and taste always make people feel happy and comfortable. So, we would recommend you to try this once!

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