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Voodoo Spiced Rum is manufactured by Three-D Spirits, Inc. The corporation was formed in 1996 with the specified aim of producing outstanding artisan rums. Evidently, their spicy rum is manufactured from a combination of fermented Virgin Island. The balanced rum is mixed with spices, cinnamon, and also the Madagascar Vanilla. It is crafted to be in close competition with the famous company of Captain Morgan. This spiced rum is excellently-made and is adorned for its spicy taste. Moreover, it is the standard for the group of spiced rum.

Fast Facts About Voodoo Spiced Rum

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Voodoo Spiced Rum Notes

  • Palate: Voodoo Spiced Rum is extremely light in taste. It is quite sweet and spicy. When sipped, the mouth is filled with the tastes of vanilla, spices, and a hint of cinnamon. With vanilla, it also has flavors of maple syrup, caramel, and hazelnuts which make the rum sweet.
  • Nose: Voodoo Spiced Rum has scents of vanilla and peppers which is extremely pleasant. With little aromas of cloves and cinnamon, this rum has an earthy scent.
  • Finish: The end of this spiced rum is light and persistent, with fiery warmth. It is surely spicy yet amazingly manufactured.

Voodoo Spiced Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

The Voodoo Spiced Rum comes in a medium-high crystal bottle. It is quadrilateral at the lower part and curves upward to become broader on the shoulders unlike on the feet. These curved bottles are simpler to hold when wet that implies the geometry of the bottle is both effective and artistic. The tag is a quite simple one with a metallic lid.

The Rum Itself

The Voodoo Spiced Rum has a metallic amber color with reddish shades. It contains a quite thickened texture that suggests some sweet taste. Since this is flavorful rum, the extra sweetness isn’t unexpected, because this is popular in the group of spiced rum. When poured in the glass, this rum gives out scents of vanilla, herbs, slight butterscotch warmth, and a vinegary spiciness in the winds.

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Voodoo Spiced Rum: Our Personal Take

Voodoo Spiced Rum is indeed the best rum in the spiced rum category. It has aromas of vanilla and strong spices with a few herbal scents. When sipped, this rum has an exceptionally great taste of spices, vanilla, and hazelnut. It is a perfect blend of spices, vanilla, and cinnamon by not being too sweet. It is a pleasant rum. With its ABV just 35 percent, it is not too alcoholic. It can be mixed with cola and it is extremely delicious. The bottle style is also great which makes it easy to grip and pour the rum. 

Final Thoughts

Voodoo Spiced Rum is a flavorful rum and is adorned for its spiciness by the people. If you are a fan of spices and a little bit of sweetness, then we recommend you to taste it once!

Happy Spices!

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