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trader vic's rumProduced by Trader Vic’s franchise, this dark rum is dark in color also. Trader Vic’s Rum Dark Rum gets distilled in West Indies, and then it’s transported to Princeton, US. There all the work of packaging and bottling the rum is done.  

This rum reveals the authentic taste of West Indies rum when blended in tropical juices or infused in cocktails. It is distilled from molasses and contains a fruity flavor along with a boozy texture.

Fast Facts About Trader Vic’s Rum

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Trader Vic’s  Rum Notes

In the glass, Trader Vic’s  rum looks dark. When it’s swirled, it creates an oily ring around the snifter, which then slowly release droplets back into the snifter. The aroma has upfront notes of Vanilla and Molasses. It also has traces of artificial fruit fragrance, including Strawberry, Cherry and, Banana notes. Upon sipping, one get’s the taste of chocolate notes along with the sourness of grape. With few passes, notes of artificial cherry and notes of strong molasses take over the palate. The finish is short and bitter. Importantly, artificial flavorings dominate the taste of other flavors of rum.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Strong notes of Molasses, Vanilla notes, Strawberry, Cherry, and Banana notes
  • Palate: Smooth and oily, Sour grape notes followed by Chocolate notes, Strawberry notes, Artificial Cherry notes, Molasses.
  • Finish: Short and Bitter. 


Trader Vic’s Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

The Trader Vic’s Dark Rum comes in a very dark, near to black hue bottle. The glass bottle has a small curve at the neck side. The color of the bottle justifies the color of rum inside. The paper label of the bottle contains the logo of Trader Vic along with all the other details incorporated interestingly. The screw cap, made of plastic, is also as simple as the bottle.

Rum Itself 

The Trader Vic’s Dark Rum, also know as Black rum, got its color due to additional caramel coloring included. It gets distilled from blackstrap molasses. As per the producers of this rum, created to be consumed as a mixer for Tiki cocktails. It’s less expensive, and the aroma, along with flavors, is worth the price.

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Trader Vic’s Dark Rum, Personal Take

The Trader Vic’s  Rum is comparatively less expensive in the genre of rums produced by other brands. The boozy taste with mellow flavors creates a pleasant impact altogether. It is created for mixing and blending purposes, so it goes very well with soda and mojitos. One needs to be an avid drinker when it comes to sipping this dark rum, neat.


Final Thoughts

Trader Vic’s Dark Rum is a pure charm of West Indies, that complements sodas and cocktails very well. Overall organization, aroma, and taste provide the real value of money as this low-end rum is easily accessible for people on a budget. It’s a perfect delight to infuse this rum for making a Ginger ale. 

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