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Whaler’s Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Whaler’s DarkĀ  Rums are indeed a series of rums allegedly influenced by Hawaiian traditions but manufactured nowadays at Heaven Hill Distilleries within Kentucky. Whaler’s Original Dark Rum is a stronger and more resistant terminology intended for full-bodied treacle taste. Whaler’s Rum is manufactured from Maui’s ancient rum makers as per a typical Hawaiian formula and … Read more

Trader Vic’s Spiced Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

In 1932, Victor J Bergeron opened a pub in San Francisco called Hinky Dink’s that later became famous with the name of Trader Vic’s Spiced Rum. The club was popular for “tiki” cocktails. The brand is now produced and owned by the Phillips Distilling Company which is Minnesota based. The innovative Trader Vic’s Spiced Rum … Read more

Rogue Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

In 2003, Rogue Dark Rum Spirit distilleries were established in the US. The company crafts small batches of multi-ingredient spirits. They use artisan distillation and traditional handmade copper still pots.  The raw ingredients used in the manufacturing of Rogue Spirits include hops, grains, and various botanicals that are obtained directly from native Oregon farms.  Fast … Read more

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

The Karakasevic family first crafted Charbay Tropical Islands Rum. They are in the business of rum distillation for twelve generations. They follow traditional and labor-intensive methods for double and triple distillations. The Alembic Stills made of Charentais Copper, are used for their classic rum distillation. Since ages, the family is renowned for its handcrafted production … Read more

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum is a type of spiced rum. It got its name, Admiral Nelson, after British naval idol Admiral Horatio Nelson. It was formed by Luxco, a small company that owns a few unknown brands of spirits. But now Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. has acquired the production rights of Admiral Nelson’s family of … Read more