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Cruzan Dark Rum Estate 2 Year | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Cruzan Dark Rum Estate is known to be “dark rum” as well as “the neatest rum of its nature.” Cruzan, vocalized as “Cru-Shun”, is regarded among the popular rum choices in the market nowadays, and provides many fantastic flavored rums at fair costs. Cruzan’s Aged Dark Rum is processed at Saint Croix and is a mixture of rums crafted from imported … Read more

Cruzan Black Strap Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Cruzan, verbalized as “Cru-Shun”, is now considered one of the market’s most famous rum and offers many  rums at reasonable costs. Cruzan Black Strap Rum is known to be a ‘navy-style’ rum because it has a vigorous molasses taste. But it is a little softer than a navy rum would normally be expected to be. The release … Read more