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Appleton 21 Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Appleton 21 Dark Rum is a coppery, tawny hued blend of rums Originating from Jamaica, It’s produced by Appleton Estate, which’s 265 years old, highly reputed sugar estate.  Due to its aroma and rich flavor, it got featured in top-notch rums. This rum is a fusion of several rums and as the name implies, each … Read more

Angostura Rum Dark 5 Year | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Angostura Rum Ltd is a distillery in Trinidad and Tobago, known for its scented rum and bitters. The company started in Venezuela in the 1820s when German immigrant doctor Johann Siegert invented a formula for aromatic bitters to be used for the army for better digestion and improved appetite. From the 1850s the bitters were … Read more