Rum Cocktails | Best Surfer on Acid Recipe 2021

In the 1990s, Eric Tecosky crafted the classic drink, the Surfer on Acid recipe. It is a widespread Californian cocktail that is considered as both a contemporary and typical cocktail. The cocktail popularly served as a shot. The Jagermeister is overcome by the bit acidic pineapple juice and sweet-smelling coconut rum, making the surfer on acid an amazing, tiki cocktail style fun swill!

If you are a shots drink lover or simple cocktail fan then, the surfer on acid will not disappoint you. Surfer on acid is typically a traditional shot cocktail. It is an extremely stress-free and easy drink to make and relish with friends. The surfer on acid is popular among all ages. The cocktail can be relished neat or it gives amazingly subtle taste when blended with other drinks but, it is preferred to enjoy the amazing drink in a cocktail glass. In every way, a surfer on acid is an evergreen choice.

The recipe for this palatable cocktail shot is extremely easy and simple. The recipe comprises of just three ingredients that are easily available everywhere. Bartenders and personal cocktail makers should keep one thing constant while making surfer on an acid cocktail or its shot, and that is equal proportions of the ingredients. 

The coconut rum in surfer on acid cocktail suppresses the fable Jägermeister that has developed tantamount with the Jäger Bomb. Contrasting to the party and celebration shots or other Jager shots, the surfer on acid is a pleasant stifling cocktail that is ideal for a warm summer day at the beach. The surfer on acid is prevalently sufficient that mostly bartenders embrace it in their catalog.

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Ingredients Required for a Surfer on Acid Recipe

  • Coconut rum 30ml 
  • ​Jägermeister 30ml
  • Pineapple juice 30ml

How to make a Surfer on Acid?

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Fill the cocktail shaker with crushed ice along with that, pour all three ingredients. 
  3. Shake it, shake it, and shake it until all the ingredients get blended well. 
  4. Strain the blended cocktail into a classic style tall glass filled with crushed ice or strain it into a shot glass.
  5. Serve the surfer on the acid chilled and relish!

Surfer on Acid Recipe Substitutions and Variations

There are numerous variants present of the Surfer on Acid recipe. Chiefly, anyone can fine-tune the ratio of the ingredients. For instance, if you want a bit strong taste you can take coconut rum 0.33 oz., Jägermeister 0.25 oz., and pineapple juice 0.5 oz. 

You can also change the rum brands if you like it. All these alterations in ratios and rum will lead to subtle and new tastes that you will relish anytime as per your choice, taste, and mood.  

The Surfer on the acid cocktail palate is full of hints of sweetness and tanginess, but remember it is still an intoxicating drink. So, relish it maturely, do not drink while driving, do not drive while drinking, and do not surf after drink.

So, if you are searching for the finest and platable Californian Surfer on Acid recipe, this is the absolute right place for you. We have researched the most popular ratios for the surfer on the ice cocktail recipe and sort the best and finest one from them. Our recipe is authentic and appraised by various drinkers. 

We have shared the best version of the surfer on the acid recipe with equal proportions. You can experiment with ratios of the ingredients. So you can set the shot ready as per your taste and requirements. 

Whether you are a mixologist, bartender, or just having fun with your friends at your home, we have sorted the best for you. So, jazz up your festive party, beach party, or charismas eve with our best surfer on the acid recipe. Cheers for the surfer on the acid shot or cocktail with friends!

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How Strong is the Surfer on Acid?

To estimate the alcohol content of the surfer on an acid cocktail, we will consider a popular coconut rum Malibu as an alcohol ingredient. Once we mixed 42 proof Malibu in the Jägermeister and pineapple juice, the mélange forms with the alcohol by volume content around 16 percent that is 32 proof.

Now, if you pick a stronger rum-like 70 proof, Malibu Black, as alcohol content, the mélange’s increased just a bit and evaluates alcohol by volume content around 20 percent. Moreover, it is not the heavy-duty Jagermeister mélange you can blend up.

Recommended Rums for a Surfer on Acid Recipe

Typically, the better quality the rum used, the more enjoyable and refreshing the rum-based cocktail. For a high-quality Surfer on Acid, we recommend adding any of the five rums below into your Surfer on Acid recipe.

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