Rum Cocktails | BEST Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe 2021

A popular variant of this classic and unique rum daiquiri is the strawberry daiquiri. It is an outstanding summer cocktail that anyone can relish. No matter strawberry daiquiri is shaken or frozen, or it is made with frozen or fresh strawberries, a strawberry daiquiri recipe that is created step by step is a refreshing, sweet, and irresistible cocktail for scorching summers. 

This daiquiri very frequently is mixed and presented as a smoothie made from fresh fruit and boozy cocktail. The shaken strawberry daiquiri cocktail is delightful and a bit easier to relish because it does not require any blending. Irrespective of the type of drink that you select, the ingredients most needed are strawberries, rum, simple syrup, lime juice and strawberries.

The strawberry daiquiri has been made by different people in different ways, and each of the two types provides a solid base to make your favorite daiquiri. You can give it a personalization spin by selecting a precise rum style, adding your favorite fruits, or using a specific “secret” ingredient of your choice. The daiquiri is in this way, a very versatile cocktail that anyone can modify according to their taste.

strawberry daiquiri recipe

Ingredients Required for The Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

  • Light rum 2 ounces 
  • Lime juice 0.5 ounces (preferably fresh)
  • Simple syrup 1 ounce
  • Ice 1 cup 
  • Sliced Strawberries – 3, or 4 as per your taste
  • Strawberry slices for garnishing

How to make the Strawberry Daiquiri?

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Add the lime juice, rum, simple syrup, strawberries, and ice in the blender. 
  3. Mix well at medium speed until it becomes a smooth mixture.
  4. Pour this blended mixture into a margarita glass or chilled Collins.
  5. Garnish with slices of the strawberry. 

Your strawberry daiquiri is ready, relish the icy boozy cocktail in hot summers. 

Some Tried and Tested Tips for The Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

You can pour any of the rums of your choice in a strawberry daiquiri. But it is suggested not to experiment with heavy fruits. So, keep every ingredient light as it is the perfect cocktail to blend in with a rum that is easy on your pocket.

You can use both frozen or blended strawberries in this daiquiri but frozen fruit will be an ideal choice for the mixed version. While fresh strawberries are outstanding for the best-shaken strawberry daiquiri.

Do remember that before blending in the daiquiri, always wash and hull strawberries properly, if you are using fresh strawberries. 

If you select frozen fruit for a cocktail, use thin slices of it, add a small amount of ice during blending to get the best result. 

strawberry daiquiri recipe

How to Create Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri?

This kind of daiquiri can be served with freshly crushed ice. It is a trick to keep the cocktail chilled and fresh. 

Since it is recommended to use fresh strawberries, you can strain the cocktail to get a fine drink. For this, just put a mesh sieve or strainer over the top of the serving glass. This straining will allow pieces of strawberry and little seeds of the fruit to stay out of the cocktail.

Jumble a few slices of the strawberry in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass and shake it well until all of the slices crushed and their complete juice will release.  Add light rum approx. 2 ounces, lime juice that is fresh, 2 ounces, and simple syrup 0.5 ounces. Fill the cocktail shaker or mixing glass with crushed ice before blending it. Strain the mixture into cold margarita glass or cocktail glass with strawberry slices.

Serve the most incredibly delightful strawberry daiquiri and relish.

Recipe Variants of the Strawberry Daiquiri

If you are preparing a shaken version, use strawberry liquor, not berries that are fresh. Start with one ounce and adjust according to your taste. 

You can experiment with spiced rum also as it gives a strong taste. There is also the option to use an old rum, or mix two rums that are light and dark.

You can also add some herbs such as rosemary, basil, and mint.  All of these spices make a perfect combination with strawberries. 

Strength of the Strawberry Daiquiri?

If you add a cup of frozen strawberries to the daiquiri, it will increase the volume of the cocktail and produces a good drink. However, it is only an estimation, the alcohol by volume content is 8 percent that is 16 proof. While the shaken strawberry drink is much stronger. Though it is a sweet and light cocktail and in summers it is a perfect beech drink to relish. 

Recommended Rums for The Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

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