Rum Cocktails | Best Scorpion Bowl RECIPE 2021

The scorpion fruit punch bowl is a fun tiki cocktail aimed to be enjoyed with good friends. You can say it is a fruity punch with some hints of rum. The scorpion fruit bowl served traditionally in a distinct punch bowl, also known as a scorpion bowl. In the center of the scorpion bowl, there is a reservoir that is volcano-shaped. In the volcano-shaped reservoir, we pour rum that is overproof and set this on fire. It is indeed a unique way! Once the scorpion punch is prepared, all the party members with their straw delight in the fruity scorpion punch cocktail together.

There are numerous recipes for the scorpion fruit punch bowl, but we are sharing one of the best recipes that are tried and tasted! There are many variations available in recipes, some of which we will share at the end of the blog. All these variants have one thing in common that they all are rum-based and consist of citrus juices like orange and lemon juices along with that all have orgeat treacle in common. 

If you want to replace the rum with gin, whisky, brandy, or vodka you can give these liquors a try as well. Classically, the liquid blend is mixed with lots of crushed ice to make a slushy iced punch. This icy slushed punch is then decanted over a block of big ice cubes in the traditional scorpion bowl and that is it. The scorpion fruit punch bowl is garnished with heaps of fruit variety.

We are sharing the best recipe of the scorpion fruit punch with fresh fruits that’s most of the recipes lack. This specific recipe proceeds with a diverse approach, we blend fresh mango and pineapple. This variation is original and gives a lively punch to the scorpion bowl. This fresh fruit twist is indeed a refreshing punch for everyone.

scorpion bowl

Ingredients Required for The Scorpion Bowl w/ Fresh Fruit

  • Ice cubes 1 cup
  • Cubed pineapple 1 cup 
  • Cubed mango 1 
  • Matured rum 8 ounces 
  • Brandy 2 ounces 
  • Orgeat syrup 3 ounces 
  • Orange juice 6 ounces (preferably fresh)
  • Lemon juice 1.5 ounces ((preferably fresh)
  • 151-proof rum 1.5 ounces (this is an optional ingredient) 
  • Citrus slices for garnishing 

How to make the Scorpion Bowl w/ Fresh Fruit Punch?

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Add mango, ice, and pineapple to the blender and blend all the fruits with ice.  
  3. After blending a bit, add brandy, orgeat syrup, rum, lemon juice, and orange juice in the blender and blend it to the smooth icy slushy. 
  4. Get your scorpion bowl ready, and pour this blended icy slush on over the big ice pieces in the scorpion bowl. 
  5. Fill the volcano-shaped reservoir that is in the center of the scorpion bowl with 151-proof rum. 
  6. Now, garnish the bowl with citrus slices.
  7. Lit the volcanic shaped reservoir filled with rum, with the long lighter.

Smother the flame relish the traditional scorpion bowl with fresh fruits by long straws.

Some Tried and Tested Tips for The Scorpion Bowl w/ Fresh Fruit Punch Recipe

Before drinking, always smother the fire flames. Keep all the flammables like paper umbrella away from fire. Do not lean over the scorpion bowl while the flame is on. Freshly squeezed orange and lemon juices will create an amazing and genuine scorpion bowl. 

Recipe Variants

If you do not have the traditional scorpion bowl, you can skip it and serve the fruit punch in a regular bowl without flaming rum.

You can also do experiments with fresh fruit punch by serving it in tiki cups or mugs with citrus garnishing. 

If you want to add pink color and a bit of sweetness to the scorpion fresh fruit punch, add grenadine approx. 1 ounce in the blender while blending fruits and rums. It is a substitute of the orgeat syrup. You can replace brandy with gin or vodka. 

Instead of mango, any seasonal fruit can be used like Papaya, Passion fruit, or banana. This variation will give an amazing twist to the scorpion fresh fruit punch.  

scorpion bowl

How Strong Is a Scorpion Fresh Fruit Bowl?

The scorpion fresh fruit punch bowl is a mild cocktail. When it is made with 80 proof brandy and rum it has 12 percent alcohol by volume that is 24 proof. That is similar to the single serving of wine glass. Besides this, various other factors can alter the alcohol content of the traditional scorpion fresh fruit bowl.

Recommended Rums for the Scorpion Bowl w/ Fresh Fruit

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