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sailor jerry spiced rumThis popular sailor jerry spiced rum is created by the company Sailor Jerry Ltd. The company initiated to honor Norman Collins aka, “Sailor Jerry” who was the sailor that later turned into a tattooist. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum crafted after a rigorous exploration into ancient nautical rums that is why Sailor Jerry spiced rum serves a smooth and rich flavor rum, which is indeed every sailor’s choice.

The recipe of sailor jerry spiced rum is based on the sailor’s tradition. Normally, spiced and edge off rum is crafted in two ways. One is to age the spirit in oak wood kegs, which sailors do not bother to do. And the other way is to blend spices in the rum. The latter method is loved and practiced by most sailors. The spiced rum is a mixture of various Caribbean rums infused with natural flavorings and spices. 


Fast Facts About Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Notes

The Sailor Jerry rum is a type of spiced rum that has the touch of vanilla sweetness and hints of different spices. It also has notes of cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and baking spices. The spirit is spicy and has a smooth taste. The sailor jerry spiced rum gives the best blends of various spices when mixed with cocktails or cokes.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Strong aroma of baking spices with a punch of roasted caramel and oak.
  • Palate: Smooth and warm with a hint of cinnamon, black pepper, and black cherry.
  • Finish: bitter and tannic.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum comes in a transparent glass bottle with black and simple printing of the name of rum and company aside from which there is a picture of a girl dressed in fashionable attire. The cap of the bottle is black and has a golden printed “Sailor Jerry” on it.  Overall packaging is classic, represents a blend of modern and classic clean appearance that is an accurate reflection of the spiced rum within.

Rum Itself 

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is the perfect rum for spiced spirit lovers. It has mellow and deep flavors of various spices. The rum has a smooth and bitter finish. It has the subtly sweet flavor of vanilla and cinnamon that give the rum a spiced punch of taste. The spirit can be enjoyed on the rock or fused with cocktails. 

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Personal Take

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is a traditionally crafted rum produced by blending different Caribbean rums that are later, infused with various spices. The spiced rum has a light amber color with a strong spicy taste. The finish is smooth and bitter with tannic notes.   

Final Thoughts

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is an ideal choice for spiced rum lovers. It is perfect for mixing with cocktails, or it can be enjoyed on the rock. So, pick a bottle today, cheers with friends, we assure you will enjoy every sip.

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