Rum Cocktails | Best Rum Eggnog Recipe 2021

When one thinks about the most delicious and satisfying holiday cocktail, the first name that comes to mind is the rum eggnog. There are various traditional ways to make the delightful rum eggnog cocktail. But nowadays, with a busy life and a tough schedule, a quick and best recipe of the rum eggnog that can be served or enjoyed in evenings of winters is the need of the hour.

We are sharing the super yummy and tempting rum eggnog recipe that has a pleasing deepness of flavors. However, the recipe of rum eggnog does not include any cream but, whisking of the whole egg will give the rum eggnog cocktail a luscious frothy and creamy look, royal texture, and relish the taste. The recipe will create a perfect festive cocktail. 

rum eggnog recipe

Ingredients for Best Rum Eggnog Recipe

  • Anejo Rum 44ml
  • Ruby Port 44ml
  • Simple Syrup 15ml
  • Egg 1 (large)
  • For garnishing, use ground nutmeg (freshly grated nutmeg is preferable)

How to Make Best Rum Eggnog 

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Mix well the ruby port, the rum, an egg, and the simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Shake all the ingredients without ice. 
  4. After complete mixing, add some ice and shake energetically for a second time.
  5. When all the mixture combined well, strain it with the help of a sieve into any mug, cup, or wine glass.
  6. Garnish the best rum eggnog with nutmeg dust.
  7. Serve the best rum eggnog and relish it with friends and family!

Some Tried and Tested Tips for Best Rum Eggnog Recipe

An old rum enhances the deepness of the flavor of the rum eggnog, that is why matured rum is highly suggested for our super easy rum eggnog recipe.

If you want to experiment with other rums, use light gold and dark rums however, light, gold, and white rums often have a different character that is not suitable for rum eggnog cocktails. But again, it all depends upon the taste and preferences of the drinkers. 

For the best rum eggnog, always use the fresh egg. You can easily find that your selected egg is fresh or not by performing this simple and quick test. 

How to find your egg is fresh or not?

Place the selected egg in the pan full of water, you can also use a glass full of water or any kitchen utensil filled with water either. If the egg sinks, it is fresh and perfect for the rum eggnog or other recipes. If the egg floats on the top of the water surface, it is stale and too old, do not use it for your drink and it is recommended not to use stale eggs in any other dishes. 

Rum Eggnog Recipe Variants

In preference, one can use Bénédictine, amaretto, or Frangelico dark rum. If you like spiced rum, they also complement the rum eggnog cocktail. If you are not allergic to nuts, the nutty touch will give a pleasant hint of rum eggnog. 

In the above recipe, you can replace the rum with your favorite whisky or brandy. Both types of alcohol are popular for their use in rum eggnog recipe. If you used them with the ruby port, both brandy and whisky will complement the best in our super easy rum eggnog recipe.  

If you are allergic to eggs or do not like the taste of eggs, you can use a substitute such as egg beaters. Egg white beater’s powder that is made of egg whites and has less amount of cholesterol and fat content, that is why it is the first choice of health freaks. When the egg whites whisked well, they produce a thick creamy textured drink. The eggless eggnog does not have that “eggy” smell and flavor that comes from the yolk of the egg.

Egg white beaters are specially created for vegan and allergic people. So, after using white egg beaters you can proudly relish the vegan rum eggnog. 

rum eggnog recipe

Is Rum Eggnog Strong?

The rum eggnog is generally having the alcohol strength of a single wine glass. Most drinkers prefer over poured rum in rum eggnog, that is why our best rum eggnog recipe is a bit heavy than other liquor drinks. The rum eggnog made by this recipe will contain 17 percent alcohol y volume that is 36 proof. 

Let’s jazz up your winter evenings, festivals, or Christmas eve with our best rum eggnog recipe. You can vary this recipe as per your taste and preferences.  

Recommended Rums for The Best Rum Eggnog Recipe

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