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ronrico rumRonrico Rum Gold is an exclusive luxury rum picked from among the Caribbean’s top rums. This rum is acquired by Beam-Suntory but produced by Puerto Rico Distillers, a business famous for personal label deals within the rum sector. It is an extremely-smooth gold rum and is loved by most of the customers. This rum is extracted from aged molasses. It has a natural, dry flavor with simplicity with how it effortlessly blends in all popular rum beverages and therefore is fantastic. It has maintained its quality from the past 150 years and is still quite popular rum in the United States.


Fast Facts About Ronrico Rum

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Ronrico Rum Notes

  • Palate: Ronrico Rum is extremely simple in taste. The most popular flavors in this Rum are the sour oak, pineapple, spice, and lemon. When sipped, all spices and citrus blend perfectly while giving a quite delightful taste. It has a rather neutral taste with a touch of sweet fruit and pepper.
  • Nose: The scent of Ronrico Rum is extremely natural and soft. When poured into the glass, this rum gives scents of spices blended with Caribbean fruits which produce a quite natural fragrance.
  • Finish: Ronrico Rum’s finish is soft and luscious with a retained taste. It makes us want to drink more.

Ronrico Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

The Ronrico Rum Gold comes in a medium-sized glass bottle. It has a brownish label which has ‘Ronrico’ printed on it with the picture of a beach. The lid is black-colored which is extremely easy to open. The black color of the lid makes it easy for the bartender to figure out the Ronrico Rums’.

The Rum Itself 

The Ronrico Rum Gold has a metallic gold color with shades of orange and yellow. It has a quite smooth texture when poured in the glass. It has a sweet and fruity scent and so it gives out natural and spicy scents in the air.

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Ronrico Rum: Our Personal Take

Ronrico Rum Gold is indeed among the best Caribbean rums. It has a surprisingly smooth, bold flavor that provides more life to your blended cocktails. This genuine Caribbean rum easily mixes with fruit extracts and blenders to make the ideal drink, or it may be consumed with a squeeze of lemon and perhaps mint on the island with friends or family. With its ABV just being 40 percent, it is not too alcoholic. The flavors and scents of fruits and spices are extremely pleasant and make you want to drink more. Moreover, the sweetness it contains is not too heavy. The finish is soft and retained with citrus and spicy tastes for spice lovers.

Final Thoughts

Ronrico Gold Rum is among the best Caribbean rums for all the right reasons. It is a perfect combination of spices, fruits, and sweetness. So, we would recommend you to try it once!

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