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Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum is a Dominican Republic special. It is crafted by fermentation of molasses in and then distilled and filtered via charcoal. The whole process of distillation gives it a transparent crystal color and delicately sweet and cocoa beans aroma.  The Ron Matusalem Platino rum is unique in a way that it is tripled distilled and solera aged rum. Solera aging is a process of fractional blending of different rums which matured at different interval of times. The process produced a fine and clear delicate spirit with subtle flavors and a long sweet finish.

Fast Facts About Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum


Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum Notes

The rum has an inviting crystal clear appearance, with a fruity molasses aroma and subtle spiced taste. It has a bit high alcohol by volume percentage that is 40%. The Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum is moderately expensive but, the taste and appearance are justified for such price.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Aroma of molasses with the hints of cocoa beans and the notes of vanilla.  
  • Palate: Smooth and slightly sweet with the notes of toffee and fudge with cracking black pepper and cinnamon.
  • Finish: Long with the sweet notes and hints of cocoa beans.

Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

The bottle of Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum is transparent and has a robust body. With an etched bird at the bottom of the bottle. A small circular label with the company name and logo pasted in the upper part of the bottle beneath it “PLATINO” printed with red color. The cap of the bottle is red with silver golden printing. The rum within is transparent, like a crystal, the whole packaging is a perfect complement to the rum. 

Rum Itself 

Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum has a sweet dint of vanilla and cocoa beans with hints of vanilla, toffee fudge, and pepper. It has a sweet and spicy palate. The finish is long sweet with a persisting note of beans that gives overall a wonderful experience to the rum lovers.

Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum, Personal Take

The Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum is made by the molasses fermentation and distinct triple distillation method. And got its crystal clear color. It is a moderately expensive spirit and best for those who like the stimulant effect of sweet alcoholic taste. It is a bit boozy. When mixed with cocktails, it gives sweet and spicy hints to the palate. It has a long, sweet, finish with hints of vanilla and cocoa beans.

Final Thoughts

Classic sippers should consider trying this traditionally crafted, triple distilled crystal clear Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum. Though it’s a bit expensive on the pocket, the depth of flavors within this single bottle of rum is worth the expense. This beautifully balanced and skillfully blended rum can be a perfect choice for Christmas eve or birthday present for a real rum lover.

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