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Ron Castillo Rum Gold is the well-known gold rum brand in Puerto Rico. Ron Castillo gold rum is from Bacardi brand. This rum is the cheaper alternatives of other Bacardi rums. The rum became an international sensation due to its affordable price, perseverance, aroma, and ingredients. The bottle has 25% less than of Baracdi other rums. This rum has made its place due to its smooth taste. Ron Castillo Gold rum generates from the100% of sugarcane juice. The Castillo Distilleries distils Ron Castillo Rum from Molasses in Puerto Rico. The rum passes through the secret blend of charcoal and brings depth to gold rum cocktail with the smooth finish. Today, this gold rum is the label top cheaper rum bottle in the world.

Fast Facts about Ron Castillo  Rum Gold

Ron Castillo Rum Gold Notes 


  • Ron Castillo Rum gives a little brown sugar aroma mingled with lemon and orange zest with the sweet banana peel.
  • It provides a silky impression of oaky spices and honey.


  • The Ron Castillo Gold rum gives quite pleasant and smooth taste in the palate.
  • It gives neutral flavour melded with tropical fruits and citrus peels. 


  • Ron Castillo Gold Bacardi has a tranquil medium-long finish with the notes of vanilla and caramel. 

Ron Castillo Rum Gold Appearance

Ron Castillo Gold rum has an official logo with the endorsement of the year. The background sticker shows Puerto Rico map, and the label also tells the place of its originality. 

Bottle /Packaging

Ron Castillo Gold rum is available in different sizes from 1.75 litres to 750 millilitres in reasonable prices with the same brand quality. The polyethene terephthalate (PET) features a different keystone design on the neck. The outlook gives a beautiful gold appeal. The bottle is convenient and travels friendly for the beach picnics. 

Rum Itself 

Ron Castillo Gold rum is hand-blended, charcoal filtered, and aged in oak barrels. The liquid brings the mature character with vanilla notes, and oaky spices, and honey.

Ron Castillo Gold Rum, Personal Take 

Ron Castillo Gold rum is the more economical and palatable product of Bacardi which could have made it place in the heart of American peoples. The golden complexion of Ron Castillo is expertly crafted in oak firkins and filtered only once through charcoal that gives them tender and soft palates. It has a strong aroma of vanilla, spices and honey. The taste further brings silky flavours of the warm zest of orange peels and tropical fruits. 

Final Thought 

The Bacardi brand is the biggest privately held rum company in the world, and the Ron Castillo Gold rum is their affordable alternative brand for the regional fans of the Bacardi industry. It has a mild and silky flavour of molasses, tropical fruits, vanilla, honey, and oaky spices. The gold rum works faultlessly in cocktails so, should be given a try to get the best punch out of it. 

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