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Based in Puerto Rico, House of Bacardi designed Ron Castillo Rum Light as a slightly less expensive alternative. It gave tough competition to brands catering to domestic levels.  Ron Castillo’s silver rum is light. It is famous due to its premium taste with smoothness at an affordable price. It’s light-bodied and dry rum. 

Fast Facts About Ron Castillo  Rum Light

Ron Castillo Rum Light Notes

This premium tasting rum looks crystal clear in a snifter. Slightly spicy aroma of charred oak with a hint of super light molasses and alcohol fumes hit the nose. Upon sipping, the drinker gets the pleasant hints of sweet banana. This light-bodied rum with a crisp has a slight smoke effect with mild spice. The smoothness in taste helps the flavor to hit right. The finish is fruity, followed by a bit heated grip that leaves a warm feeling. It is the reason that this fine rum is a great mixer and goes well in Pina Coladas.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Charred Oak, Caramel, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla with Citrus notes
  • Palate: Sweet banana, Cocoa butter, nut oil with notes of Gingerbread.
  • Finish: Citrus sweetness, very smooth, good after-warmth. 

Ron Castillo Rum Light  Appearance

Bottle and packing 

Bottled in a container with a grey label and a silver cap, Ron Castillo’s silver rum packaging looks minimalist. The classic appearance of the bottle justifies the excellent taste of the rum inside.

As the name suggests, Ron Castillo’s Silver rum looks clear. It’s double filtered to obtain this clarity.  

Rum Itself 

The composition of this classic rum is based on three stages. In the first stage, a yeast culture, that is molasses, is used to obtain the quintessential form. Then, in the second stage, to perfectly combine the distillates, it is continuously distilled. In the third stage, the distillate is double filtered by using the traditional charcoal filtration process. After getting processed in these three stages, an outstandingly clear and pure liquid is yield. Before bottling up, this pure liquid gets kegged in an oak barrel for a year. This last step is to obtain the smoothness in taste.

Ron Castillo Rum Light, Personal Take

Castillo Silver Light rum is a traditional style rum distilled from fermented molasses. It is one of the most commendable white rums distilled by Bacardi. The smooth flavor, which is obtained by kegging it in an oak barrel for a year, adds a great value to its taste. Altogether, the experience is definitely worth the price.

Final Thoughts

This Puerto Rican traditional style of rum is absolutely a delight for sippers. It’s less expensive, yet the quality and smoothness are up to the mark. It goes very well when fused in soda. Also, to create some refreshing cocktails, this rum can be mixed with fresh tropical juices. This light rum is undoubted a good option for rum consumers on a budget. So enjoy this rum responsibly.

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