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rhum clementHomére Clément founded Rhum Clément Premiere Canne  in 1887 on the island of Martinique. This rhum distils at Simon Distillery and finishes at a sugar refinery, Habitation Clément. This rum produces from 100% exclusive pressed sugar cane juice and is aged for nine months in steel casks before actual bottling. The final state of rhum has 40% alcohol with spring volcanic water. This rhum is few of the rhums in the world that claims that sugar cane is planted and grown in volcanic soil which results in rendering the different and incomparable taste. 



Fast Facts about Rhum  Clément Premiere Canne

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Rhum  Clément Premiere Canne Rum Notes 


  • The nose of Rhum Clément Premiere Canne  rum gives heavy notes of the thick viscosity of with sugary flavours that offer a strong impression. 
  • One could feel the scent of spices, fresh flowers, yellow apples and banana, and even hints of cherries and dark plums. 


  • Rhum Clément Premiere Canne Rhum gives a little rough fruity and clove taste in the palate.
  • It gives mild pressed sugarcane flavour merged with the yellow apple with the touch of fresh flowers.


  • Rhum Clément Premiere Canne Rhum has an exceptional, rough and lasting finish with the notes of citrus spices and lemon peels. 


Clément Premiere Canne Rhum has an endorsed logo with the endorsement of the year. The background sticker shows the island of Martinique. 

Bottle /Packaging

The Clément Premiere Canne Rhum is available in different sizes from 1 litre to 750 millilitres. The polyethene terephthalate (PET) emphasises a different cornerstone pattern on the neck. The bottle is tall slender with the golden cork that appends the points in its charm. The outlook gives an appreciative scene as the background of the design depicts the beautiful island. The trademark provides all the pertinent information about Clément Premiere Canne Rhum. The bottle is pretty white and handy and easy to pour, and it is complimentary for beach picnics. 

Rum Itself 

Clément Premiere Canne Rhum is hand-blended, steel still distilled, and aged for five years in American oak vats. The liquid brings the mellow character with the flavour of creamy marshmallows and tropical fruits with a slight touch of coconuts. Though the Clément Premiere Canne Rhum is too sweet, and a little intense still, it is not too robust. 

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Rhum Clément Premiere Canne Rhum, Personal Take 

Clément Premiere Canne Rhum is almost nine months old rum. The silver-tone expertly crafted in stainless steel barrels that give them intense tastes. It has an influential fragrance of spices, fresh flowers and purest sugarcane.

Final Thought 

Clément Premiere Canne Rhum has a refreshing flavour of sugarcane, fresh flowers, yellow apples, oaky spices, citrus, and vanilla. It works well in cocktails as well as taken neat. One should try it with a cocktail or neat with the ice cube to get the best punch out of it. 

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