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pyrat xo reservePyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum is a rare combination of a complex and smooth blend of 9 different Caribbean rums that matured up to 15 years in American and French sweet oak casks. Pyrat Xo is an artisanal rum in a way that from filling to packing and labeling every step is done manually. 

In 1989, Paul Mitchell, John Paul DeJoria, and Martin Crowley created a spirit company known as The Patron Spirits to craft the perfect tequila of the world. They used the combination of traditional blended techniques and modern techniques.  

In the honor of a true Pyrat soul of communal enlightenment, every bottle decorated with the embossed picture of Hoti, a patron protector and saint of clairvoyants and bartenders.


Fast Facts About Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum

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Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum Notes

In a snifter, it reflects classic rum dark amber color with a bit sweet aroma of honey and caramel. Upon sipping, one gets the wafts of vanilla with hints of pepper, and a pleasant hint of honey and caramel that holds all the flavors together. The sweet oak presents a strong and long-lasting taste on the finish however it’s nice and balanced. 

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Sweet aroma of Vanilla with the hints of honey and caramel.
  • Palate: With sweet aromas, it nearly likes the deep dominating sour taste of tangerine, orange, and lemons, followed by the spicy hints of cinnamon and pepper.
  • Finish: Long & Sweet finish that leaves the taste of orange and cola.  

Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

The bottle of luxurious Pyrat Xo rum is made of hand-crafted transparent glass. The classic fawn and golden label is center pasted with brown and golden printing of Pyrat Xo Reserve Rum. The neck is short sealed with a dark brown cap that complements the royal rum. A broad yellow ribbon wrapped around it. A vintage rectangular shape is also tied with black thread, this shape is embossed with a monk and vertical printing of Pyrat Rums. 

Rum Itself 

Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum is an expensive rum with a distinctive blend of nine premium Caribbean rums; the maturation time and handcrafting give the Pyrat Xo rum, a smooth and long sweet and tangy flavor.  

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Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum, Personal Take

Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum is created by the fusion of the nine different Caribbean rums, which matured for a long time that is 15 years. Altogether, it makes a royal combination that’s the reason it worth every penny. The deluxe sweet aroma with the hints of tangy fruits gives it a smooth and rich taste with a long finish.

Final Thoughts

Classic sippers should consider trying Pyrat Xo Reserve Planters Gold Rum. Though it’s an expensive deal, the depth of flavors within this single bottle of rum is worth the expense. This handcrafted rum can be a perfect choice for Christmas eve or a birthday present for a real rum lover.

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