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pussers dark rumPussers  Dark Rum British Navy is the royal rum, produced by Pusser’s Rum Ltd. Company in Trinidad. The company was found to craft dark rum from the original recipe of the royal navy.

Pusser’s British Navy is a long matured rum, produced by blending five different rums. These rums are picked from countries that were previously English colonized, like Jamaica, British Guyana, Trinidad, and Barbados. The blend of all spirits matured in oak casks for a long time. The Pusser’s Rum is dark amber with copper tint highlights. 


Fast Facts About Pussers Dark Rum

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Pussers  Dark Rum Notes

In a snifter, it reflects tawny dark rum with a sweet and slightly pungent aroma of molasses, honey, cinnamon, and charred ginger cake. There is slight sweetness upfront with the hints of a nutty flavor underneath. The woody oak presents a strong taste on the finish however, it’s nice and balanced. 

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Aroma of pungent molasses with hints of vanilla, oak, cinnamon, and charred ginger cake. 
  • Palate: Full and mellow; spicy with the hints of nutmeg, peppery spices, and molasses notes.
  • Finish: Long with the notes of charred caramel, prunes, and cold tea.

Pussers  Dark Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packing 

The bottle of Pusser’s British Navy Dark Rum is transparent with a blue and golden label printed with a British royal flag; on the upper part of the bottle, the navy anchor is etched. The neck of the bottle is long and wrapped in gold paper with a blue and golden royal navy seal. The dark amber rum can easily attract rum lovers to it. The classic appearance justifies the lavish taste of the rum. 

Rum Itself 

Pussers Dark Rum is a blended form of various rums. The smooth mouthfeel and perfect texture results from perfect blending and aging. The rum has a full and mellow palate with spicy notes that gives a long finish with the notes of charred caramel, prunes, and cold tea. It is balanced so well that it tastes like a royal delight to rum drinkers.

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Pussers Dark Rum, Personal Take

Pusser’s British Navy Dark Rum is an original recipe for the Royal British navy. It is created by the fusion of five different rums from different countries. All matured for a long time in oak casks. Altogether, it makes a rare combination that is the reason it’s worth every penny. The spirit has the strength of both that is flavors and alcohol, that is unique to Pusser’s Rum distilleries.  


Final Thoughts

Classic sippers should consider trying this dark amber rum. Though it is a bit expensive on the pocket, the depth of flavors within this single bottle of rum is worth the expense. This beautifully balanced and skillfully blended rum can be a perfect choice for Christmas eve or birthday present for a real rum lover.

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