Rum Cocktails | BEST Planter’s Punch RECIPE 2021

Planter’s punch is a well-known, traditional rum whose origin is controversial as of yet. This rum surfaced for the first time in the 1908 publication of The New York Times. Similar to many famous rums, different claims are associated with this rum as well. Some profess that this rum pertains to Planter’s Hotel based in St. Louis, while others assert it to a creation of Jamaican planter’s spouse who formulated this rum to refresh and soothe the workers.

It’s a very versatile rum due to its adaptation in many cocktail recipes. It complements whatever recipe anyone adds it in. In a time, when substitute for every ingredient is available easily, so one can follow any sequence of steps for creating this cocktail. But what makes the punch unique is giving one’s magical spin to it. So, here we will explore some of the secret, tasty twists along with a recipe.

planters punch recipe

Ingredients required for Planter’s Punch Recipe:

  • Planter’s Punch dark rum – 1 1/2 ounce
  • Any tropical juice (can be Orange, Pineapple, or Passion Fruit) – 2 ounce
  • Grenadine Syrup – 1/4 ounce
  • Citrus Soda – 2 ounce (Optional)
  • Seasonal Fruits – For Garnish (Optional)

How to Make Planter’s Punch Cocktail?

  1. In an ice cubes filled container, gently spill all the liquids, except club soda.
  2. Grab the container. Shake it so that the juices are fused.
  3. Now pour some ice cubes into a lowball glass.
  4. Sift this delicacy into that glass.
  5. Add a hint of citrus soda and top up with a dash of seasonal fruits.

Planter’s punch is all set to relish!

Accredited Hacks and Tips for Magical Planter’s Punch Cocktail

When it comes to garnishing the planter’s punch, the creativity of a brewer comes to play. A good thing about the planter’s cocktail is that every type of condiment goes well. One can incorporate a variety of fruit bits as many as that fits the glass without looking odd. Ranging from berries to citrus or cherries to tropical, one can  add any fruit.

The measurement in this recipe creates a single serving. But, as per the requirement, one can double the volume of ingredients. The key to correctly measure the increased quantity required is multiplying the number of liquids according to the number of servings needed. Apart from the recipe, use a pitcher sized container to fuse the rum and juices. Then refrigerate it before serving. An important point to remember is to add club soda, ice cubes, and garnishing condiments at the eleventh hour. Better to add them separately, in a chic styled glass, for each serving.

Modifications in Planter’s Punch Recipe

Planter’s punch complements well to any rum, be it light or dark, added to it. Dark rum yields richness to the cocktail. White rum brings a delicate touch. One can devour the neat punch if there’s no rum included at all.

Despite Grenadine syrup, one can pour the pomegranate extract in the same quantity. A hint of lime juice with a dash of maple syrup can add secret magic to this cocktail. Other fruit syrups, which are tangy and sour such as strawberry, raspberry, etc. can be added as well.

One can play their creativity when it comes to the part of adding fruit juice. Instead of adding any specific fruit juice, a fusion can be added to this cocktail to bring different flavors. The stores have many options for various fruit juice blends, and these juice blends are perfect for adding into a planter’s drink. The pro tip is to opt for the juice that has, at minimum, one tropical fruit in it. 

Ginger ale and citrus soda make a good substitute for club soda. Just spill the right amount of any of these, and an energetic punch will be ready. 

planter's punch recipe

Alcohol Content in Planter’s Punch Recipe

An 80-proof rum utilized in this cocktail recipe will result in alcohol content between the range of 14% ABV (28-proof). Pouring soda makes it softer, leaving around 10% ABV (20-proof). Hence, it is comparatively known as a light cocktail.

Add Your Spin

The conventional sense of punch is to create a fruity mix pinned with rum or liquor and embellished with various fruits. The planter’s cocktail is a punch in pure essence because one can substitute almost every ingredient in this drink, based on the liking of the drinker.  A person doesn’t have grenadine available? or one ran out of rums? You can still brew up a planter’s punch by using the substitutes. 

Stirring such an innovative drink is fun itself. 

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