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plantation grande reservePlantation Grande Reserve Rum originated in Barbados. It is a mixture of various origin-specific rums. The spirit is mixed and aged in kegs that were previously used for aging bourbon wine in the heart of the Caribbean. For second maturation, the rum is transported to southwest France, where it is re-matured in French oak cognac barrels for one year. The rum is almost five years old. 

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum is light gold and aged for a good long period. The whole making process gives it a strong aroma of woody coconut and the hints of vanilla. The overall experience of the Rum is smooth, short, and sweet with the notes of slight spices.


Fast Facts About Plantation Grande Reserve Rum

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Plantation Grande Reserve Rum Notes

The Plantation Grande Reserve Rum is a Bajan rum blend. The spirit is matured through a unique method. After fusion, the rum is first matured in kegs that previously filled with bourbon wine. After four years of aging, the barrels were transported to France where the rum is transferred to the French oak cognac barrels and aged for a good year before bottling for sale. Such rums are famously known as plantation rums.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Slight spicy with notes of pepper and fresh tropical fruits. The delicate aroma of tropical fruits and the hints of vanilla. 
  • Palate: Smooth and sweet with the hints of coffee and the notes of raisin and vanilla.  
  • Finish: Short and receptive palate with the crisp of sweet and dark coffee and the notes of spices and herbs.  

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packing

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum has a sturdy, short, and broad transparent bottle with an attractive amber color label printed with the company logo and name of the spirit. Below the rum name, “aged 5 years” is printed in bold letters. The cap of the bottle is black with an attractive silver seal. The bottle is tied-up with a thin string that gives it a more stylish look. 

Rum Itself

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum is a light-colored rum with deep flavors and smooth taste. It has fruity notes with the hints of tropical fruits and coffee. The spirit is ideal for mixing with various cocktails and it can also be enjoyed on the rock.

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Plantation Grande Reserve Rum, Personal Take

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum is a type of light rum with an inviting light gold color. It is crafted by a combination of various Barbados specific rums. The fusion of rums is then aged twice for five years, first in ex-bourbon barrels and then in French oak cognac casks. It is a slightly expensive spirit. The taste is smooth with a delicate finish.

Final Thoughts

Plantation Grande Reserve Rum is for light spirit lovers. The rum is moderately expensive. It can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with cocktails. So, at the next rum party, cheer up with Plantation Grande Reserve Rum.

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