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palo viejo gold rumThe rum crafter, Destilería Serrallés Incorporation based in Puerto Rico, manufactures Palo Viejo Gold rums. The spirit is matured in oak kegs for one to three years. This aging time is prescribed by the law of the Puerto Rico government.

The gold and aged rum are smooth and perfect for blending with various cocktails. The Destilería Serrallés produces pocket-friendly rums and Palo Viejo is their premium quality, aged and gold rum with great taste. 


Fast Facts About Palo Viejo Gold Rum

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Palo Viejo Gold Rum Notes

Palo Viejo Gold Rum is an aged rum. The spirit has a tempting light golden color, with a combined aroma of sugar and fruits with notes of syrupy taste. 

It has a bit high alcohol by volume percentage that is 40%.  The rum is smooth and rich with notes of sugar cane and thick treacle.  

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Mixed aromas of sugar, molasses with the notes of citrus fruits.
  • Palate: Sweetness of cane sugar, smooth with notes of molasses and citrus fruits. 
  • Finish: A rich punch of flavors in the finish. 

Palo Viejo Gold Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

Palo Viejo Gold Rum comes in an elegant transparent bottle that has a white label with a thin golden border. On the upper part of the label, Pale Viejo is printed and beneath it, there is a picture of a tree. Other details are printed below the picture of the tree. The neck of the bottle is also wrapped with a similar label. The cap of the bottle is of beautiful gold color. The whole packaging depicts the sophisticated package of rum.

Rum Itself 

Palo Viejo Gold Rum has an elegant look with a blended and smooth taste. The rum is rich with citrus and island flavors. The spirit has a slightly sweet touch of sugarcane with the citrus notes with the smooth and rich palate. The finish is smooth and rich with the punch of blended flavors and sweetness that gives overall a wonderful experience to the rum lovers. 

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Palo Viejo Gold Rum, Personal Take

Palo Viejo Gold Rum is gold and aged rum that is used in blending in various cocktails. The pocket-friendly spirit gives smooth taste when fused with juices and coke. The Palo Viejo rum has a slightly citrus flavor with notes of cane sugar sweetness and has a rich finish. It is aged in classic oak kegs for one to three years and this maturation time gives it a golden yellow color. The spirit is pocket friendly, and mostly drinkers with acquired spicy taste call it the gift of Puerto Rico.

Final Thoughts

Palo Viejo Gold Rum is a famous Puerto Rico gold rum. It has an alluring light gold color, the aroma is fruity and sugary. The finish is rich and smooth with the sweet and citrus punch. So, if you are going for a vintage rum-party, Tortuga Gold Rum is a must-try.

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