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oronoco fazenda reservaOronoco Fazenda Reserva deluxe rum from brazil is fabricated by cachaça makers Vicente and Roberto Bastos Ribeiro. In 2005, this rum was introduced in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The exceptionally smooth and creamy taste is the result of freshly cut, unprocessed mountain cane juice found on the Brazilian mountains. This cane is hand-picked and crushed within 24 hours of cutting. It is then finely blended with fresh triple distilled cane juice with pure Brazilian mountain spring water and mixes it with a small proportion of Venezuelan aged rums, for the further flavor it is gently rested in Brazilian Amendoim wood. The aroma includes scents of honey, sugar cane, cut grass, charcoal, light wood smoke, and buttermilk. No doubt it is considered the smoothest rum in the world. You can enjoy it’s on its own or mix it with your favorite cocktail.  

Fast facts about Oronoco Fazenda  Reserva Rum. 

Rum type: Light Rum

Price point: More Expensive

Country of origin: Brazil 

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40% 

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Oronoco Fazenda Reserva Rum notes 


  • This rum has a distinctive flavor of apple blossoms, berries, bubblegum, light coffee, cream, earthy vanilla. Once you have added a small amount of water, the taste of vanilla and pineapple dominates even more. At the first sniff, there is a strong buttery aroma that dominates the first two minutes of sniffing, the final eight minutes of nosing includes the scent of buttermilk, charcoal, light wood smoke, cut grass, and sugar cane. 


  • It tastes light, creamy, and sweet with a touch of pepper kick mid-palate, bitter towards the back. The bitterness is pervasive after dilution but becomes more balanced due to the sweetness with a good dose of vanilla, caramel, and a bit of cinnamon. The palate entry is sweet; midpalate is syrupy and thick. 


  • The finish of Oronoco Fazenda Rum vegetal, slightly bitter, and astringent. It’s a little warm, with wood-spice to finish things out. The flowery and grassy aftertaste proves to be very pleasant that is long and luxurious.  


It appears to be clear, almost colorless with a faint yellow tinge. This rum comes in 40% Alcohol by Volume and includes some molasses as well. 

Bottle /Packaging 

Through the map style embossed in leather, the product expresses Brazilian provenance. Masculinity in the premium rum category is reflected by the slender bottle shape and cap style. The embossed leather wrap is the most creative aspect of the product. 

A 1000ml (1L) bottle of Oronoco Fazenda Rum costs about $40. The Rum Journal awarded Oronoco Fazenda Rum “Bottle of the year”. 

Rum itself 

Oronoco Fazenda is usually unaged or very lightly aged, then filtered; it is generally used in cocktails. An inexpensive and reasonable rum gives you pure rum flavor. It is the ultimate choice in mixing with cocktails and other drinks. 

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Oronoco Fazenda Reserva Rum, personal take 

It is one of the best white rums from Brazil due to its naturally soothing and creamy taste. 

Final thought 

It is a perfect cane spirit with a crisp clean taste!

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