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What is rum if not the pure distillation of sugarcane and molasses that we’ve come to know so well. And if that distillation takes place anywhere in the world, what difference should it make?

Well, here is Old Monk Rum 7 Year rum, an offering from India of all places, proving that the purity of our rums comes from the flavors and spirits contained within the bottle and not from any superstitious traditions from the islands of the Caribbean.

Jamaican rum is certainly worthwhile, but give Old Monk Rum from India a blind taste and you will quickly see that what you read on the label should not sway what you taste in the glass.

Fast Facts About The Old Monk Rum 7 Year

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, its country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Old Monk Rum 7 Years below.

Rum Type

Dark Rum

Price Point

Less Expensive

Origin Country



42.5% ABV

The Old Monk Rum 7 Year Notes

Tasting Notes

Old Monk Rum 7 Year : Packaging and Product

old monk rum

Old Monk Rum 7 Year : Our Personal Take

While not out favorite sipping rum in the tasting stable, the bottle of Old Monk Rum 7 Year certainly held its own among less expensive rums that we were willing to taste a second time. It is certainly possible that the exotic idea of being an unusual commodity of a rum from the subcontinent of India gave this rum a bit of elevation in our appreciation, the taste was not altogether bad and was better that we expected.

That says a lot since we did not expect much, however Old Monk Rum 7 Year gave us a full flavor profile that came across as slightly more sophisticated that we planned, and earned a mention among our friends as we discussed sipping rums as a unique entry into the list.

Rum Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

Old Monk Rum 7 Year won’t set your world on fire but it is a good sipping rum if you enjoy the fire of a more inexpensive rum. Add to that the novelty of being an Indian rum, and Old Monk Rum 7 Year has a niche market that allows it to thrive under its own power.

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Recommended Drinks To Make With The Old Monk Rum 7 Year

The best way to enjoy a high-quality rum such as The Old Monk Rum 7 Year is to utilize it in a nice drink. Below are four great drink recipes that will be enhanced by utilizing The Old Monk Rum 7 Year in place of any low-quality rum you may consider.