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From the virgin island of St Croix, the old mill  rum is being imported. In the 18th century, Don Jose Varela Blanco generated the world’s first sugar mill for producing alcohol and spirits. Afterward, the juice of sugarcane was refined to make spirits. Until now rum is being produced by the company. 

 The blend of the rums is matured in 2 to 4 years especially in American oak barrels. It is antiquely packaged in the shape of a bell bottle that is plain glass. Clear glass shows its eye-catching golden color. 

Fast Facts About Old Mill Rum Gold Rum 

Old Mill Rum Gold Rum Notes 

The old mill gold rum has a pleasant golden color with a tempting taste. The rum is matured in American oak barrels between 2 to for years.it is very cheap as it can be used in an umbrella drink. As it is very cost-efficient it will be not heavy on your budget. The production of rum is followed as done by the ancestors in every step as it is being transferred from father to son.

Tasting Notes 

  • Nose: Its aroma is unique as it strikes your smell sense like caramel. 
  • Palate: its entry is very light and sugary. a mixture of flavors of honey and vanilla are the first to strike your tongue, followed by a slight apple-like very little sweetish. 
  • Finish: It has a dryish start and nicely dry. 


Old Mill Rum Gold Rum Appearance 

Bottle and packaging 

As it is packaged in Antique type bell-shaped plain glass bottle with a rhombus-shaped paper label with black and gold antiquity style lettering. The label is very simple. A long paper neck foil, a dream cork closure keeps it safe in any kind of position. Plain glass presents the color of the rum beautifully. It comes in 750ml of the bottle which is beautifully packed. 

Rum Itself 

Old mill gold rum is nicely lighter-bodied Island-type rum, not so sweet. The mixture of slightly sweetish and spicy make it unique in taste which tempts your taste buds. A very unique taste of spicy nutty and drying effect. It has a very sugary and light palate. 

Old Mill gold Rum, Personal Take 

The type of rum is gold as it is being matured in a moderate period. Its smooth finish and blends of spicy and nutty make it more unique in its taste. It has acquired a very rich flavor which is very inviting to your taste buds. 

Final Thoughts 

It has an alluring color and an inviting scent. We assure you that you will get the return of every single penny you have spent on it because of its captivating taste. It is a must-try drink as that will be your first choice after trying it once. Because of its unique taste, you will enjoy its every sip.

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