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Fred L Myers created The Myers Platinum rums brand in 1879. It is famous for its flavour and deep colour in the whole world. It is the production of National Rums Jamaica Ltd and packed by Myers rum company in the Bahamas. Now, the owner of the brand is beverages Powerhouse Diageo.

The Myers light rum develops from 100% Jamaican sugarcane juice boiled in molasses, fermented and distilled by using pot and continuous still distillation procedure. The rum aged in white oak barrels for the distinctive taste, fragrance and aroma. The High-quality molasses from 100% sugarcane is the main ingredient in Myers Original light rum with the elements of vanilla, and bananas. Myers White caramel can be a great mixer in beachy cocktails. 

Fast Facts about Myers Platinum Light Rum

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, it’s country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Myers Platinum Light Rum are below.

Rum Type

Light Rum

Price Point

Less Expensive

Origin Country



40% ABV

Myers Platinum Light Rum Notes 

Nose, Taste, and Finish are the three main qualities that discern different types of rums from one another. The Nose is the scent of the rum. The Taste is obvious, it’s the mouthfeel, and the different flavors you can determine when you take a sip and swirl it around.

Finally, the Finish is when you swallow the sip you took, the flavors that come through when it’s sliding down. To the left are the tasting notes for Myers Platinum Light Rum.


The bottle of Myers Platinum Light Rum has a signature label that affirms that it has been delicately distilled, filtered, and packed in Jamaica. The bottle has the embossed year of 1879 and has the sticker label of Jamaica with small oak barrels in the background which portrays its originality.  

Myers Platinum Light Rum

Myers Platinum Light Rum, Personal Take 

Myers Platinum Light Rum is one of the best silver rums in Jamaica due to its lighter nature and potent flavour. It could be a little sharp when having it neat due to its mellow and rich flavour so, it would be favourable to take it primarily as a base for cola, cocktails and with juices. 

Final Thought 

Myers Platinum Light Rum has 100% sugarcane juice that expertly boils into molasses, ferments, and distils by using the continuous and pot still method. This silver rum provides a decent texture and a profound depth to your other cocktail drinks and undoubtedly make it a genuine original silver rum of Myers brand. 

Other Rums from Jamaica

Country of origin, especially the location of the ingredients utilized in the manufacture of a rum, have a strong impact on the resulting taste, scent, and value of a rum. While Myers Platinum Light Rum may not be the best option for your personal taste, there are other rum options from Jamaica. Below are some other great rum choices.

Other Light Rum in the Less Expensive Category

Sometimes, maybe a specific rum is not the perfect choice for your personal taste and needs, however, you know that you’re in the right space. When that is the case, typically the same type of rum around the same price point will provide a similar, yet slightly different mouthfeel and experience. Below are some alternatives to Myers Platinum Light Rum that is in the Light Rum at Less Expensive category.

Recommended Drinks To Make With Myers Platinum Light Rum

The best way to enjoy a high-quality rum such as Myers Platinum Light Rum is to utilize it in a nice drink. Below are four great drink recipes that will be enhanced by utilizing Myers Platinum Light Rum in place of any low-quality rum you may consider.