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myers dark rumThe Myers dark rum is the fusion of nine Jamaican rums of various times and aged for four years in small oak barrels for the caramel taste. High-quality molasses is the main ingredient in Myers’s Original Dark rum with the elements of dark chocolate, caramel, figs, and raisins. 

Fred L Myers created The Myers rums brand in 1879. It is famous for its flavor and deep color in the whole world. It is the production of National Rums Jamaica Ltd and packed by Myers rum company in the Bahamas. Now, the owner of the brand is beverages Powerhouse Diageo. 

Fast Facts about Myers Dark Rum

Rum Type: Dark Rum

Price Point: Moderately Expensive

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

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Myers Dark Rum Notes 


  • Myers’s Original Dark Rum has a distinctive, intense, and rich Jamaican aroma with a flavor of caramel and burnt toffee with black treacle. 


  • Myers’s Original Dark Rum gives the dominant pleasing flavor of woody molasses, dark chocolate, figs, and raisins. The aftertaste of this dark rum is sweet but slightly caramelized with full of molasses. 


  • The finish of Myers’s Original Dark Rum is not very smooth. One can feel the touch of alcohol heat that may appear a little salty and rough. 


The bottle of Myers’s Original Dark rum has a signature label that states that it has been carefully distilled, filtered, and packed in Jamaica. The bottle has the engraved year of 1879 and has the sticker label of Jamaica with small oak barrels.  

Bottle /Packaging

Myers’s Original Dark Rum has a sophisticated style rectangular bottle with the small stubby neck and red metal cap to contras with the bottle label. The bottle contains either 750 milliliters or 1.75 L dark rum. It has light-weight glass packaging that is travel-friendly and handy. The whole bottle packaging is baroque, elusive, and appears reasonably competitive to other dark Jamaican rums. 

Rum Itself 

Myers’s Original Dark rum is 100% natural Jamaican rum. It is the blend of nine different rums that have been aged a minimum of four years in small oak casks before the actual bottling. An inexpensive, mellow dark rum gives you pure rum flavor due to caramel, dark toffee, and a sharp touch of alcohol to the throat. Myers’s Original Dark rum is the paramount drink and can be an absolute choice for classic Treacle or tiki drinks and with other cocktails that contain ingredients like sweet vermouth.

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Myers Dark Rum, Personal Take 

Myers Dark Rum is one of the best dark rums in Jamaica and the most popular drink in Naval, Army, Air force institutes (NAAFI) due to its finest ingredients and potent flavor. It could be a little sharp when having it neat due to its mellow and rich flavor so, it would be favorable to take it primarily as a base for modern, classic, and tiki-style cocktails. 

Final Thought 

Myers Dark Rum has 100% sugarcane juice that expertly boils into molasses, ferments, and distills by using the pot still method. The decent ingredients such as dark chocolate, caramel, raisins, and figs undoubtedly make it a genuine original of Myers’s brand. 

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