Rum Cocktails | BEST Mojito Recipe 2021

The origin of mojito in Cuba. The mojito is originated, when the rum quality was not as good as today. In ancient times, bartenders mask the unwanted characteristics of the state’s rum by adding some simple ingredients to make it a more pleasant drink. Over the years, with the improvement in taste and quality of rum, the mojito also gets very popular. Today mojito is one of the most widespread tropical brews.

Mojito is a simple drink made by mixing rum, lime, and mint. This simple yet incredible drink, mojito took the attention of the international world. For Cuba’s regular visitors, the mojito became a prevalent cocktail to have. The incredible mojito was purportedly second to the daiquiri on the list favorite list of cocktails on Ernest Hemmingway.

This typical cocktail is composed of fresh lime, spearmint, or mint, quality while or light rum, sugar, and club soda as per taste. The only tools essential is a muddler and a stirring spoon, due to the simplicity from ingredients to making mojito is just a quick and incredible drink. The mojito is simple like any best cocktail, along with that is quick and easy to make. These qualities of mojito make it the most popular and refreshing cocktail around the world. 

mojito recipe

Ingredients Required for Incredible Mojito Recipe

  • Sugar 2 tsp
  • Mint leaves 2 tsp
  • Club soda 2-3 ounces or as per taste 
  • Lime 1 cut into half
  • Light rum 2 ounces
  • Mint sprig 1 for garnishing

How to make the Incredible Mojito?

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Add the mint leaves, sugar, and a plop of club soda to a highball glass.
  3. Jumble fair enough to dissolve the sugar with the release of the mint leaves flavor. 
  4. Squeeze the half-cut lime into the highball glass. And drop another half of the lime into the glass.
  5. Add the white or light rum of your choice and blend well.
  6. Fill the highball glass with crushed ice or ice cubes.
  7. Pour club soda on the top and use mint sprig for garnishing.

The incredible and yet simple mojito is ready to relish alone or with friends!

Some Tried and Tested Tips for The Incredible Mojito Recipe

If you want to make the best quality Mojito, we sorted some tips, tricks, and recommendations for it, so here you go:

As we all know that mojito is a simple cocktail with rum as a base ingredient, always use matured and high-quality rum. Although, white and light rums are classically ideal to mix, consider a high-quality old rum. Rum as the only liquor ingredient of the mojito is critical and of course, it determines the whole taste and quality of the mojito cocktail. So, select the ​finest rum like Mount Gay, Appleton Estate, or Ron Matusalem.

Never mix spiced rums as these spirits have a strong essence of the spices and they easily diminish the mint and lime freshness.

Even though traditional club soda will be sufficient, try a boutique soda in its place, for instance, Q Mixers or Fever-Tree. Both of these sodas are intended precisely for use in mocktail and cocktails. These quality sodas will promptly elevate your incredible mojito.

Incredible Mojito Recipe Substitutions and Variations

You can experiment with the flavor of this simple cocktail by some variations and substitutes:

You can select different sweeteners like you can use a small splash of honey syrup, simple syrup, raw sugar, agave, palm, or coconut. These are outstanding sweeteners. Some of these can change the color of the incredible mojito. 

You can experiment with using a different soda. Select a stimulating but soft soda that will give a layer of flavors with a hint of sweetness.  Some of the best sodas are Dry Soda’s lavender or cucumber. Numerous hard carbonated water can be better replacements for club soda.

Try a fruity twist, Jumble up some of your favorite fruits. Raspberry, watermelon, and pineapple, mojitos are all-time favorites. Use a blend of pomegranate juice and seeds for a delightful pomegranate mojito.

You can also make a larger party-sized batch by using a mojito sangria, it is a simple and fun pitcher drink crafted with a white or light wine.

mojito recipe

How Strong is the Incredible Mojito?

The incredible mojito is an astonishingly graceful and delightful cocktail. When it is made with 80 proof rum, the alcohol by volume content will be around 13 percent that is 26 proof. It is similar to the single serving of refreshing wine glass.

Recommended Rums for the Incredible Mojito Recipe

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