Rum Cocktails | Best Knickerbocker Recipe 2021

In the mid-1800s, a classic style cocktail was introduced that featured a blend of raspberries and rum. The cocktail originated in New York and got its name Knickerbocker in the honor of Dutch settler of New York City. The “knickers” is a type of pants that rolled up the knee, worn by the Dutch settlers.  

The knickerbocker cocktail is an extravagant summer drink that is unquestionably pleasant. The cocktail prepared from dark color fruits with various rums cocktails, the drink is an ideal blend of pleasantness.

The homemade and freshly pressed raspberry syrup is the vital ingredient of the knickerbocker cocktail. For the best cocktail, it is preferred to use homemade raspberry treacle prepared by using freshly constrained and strained raspberry juice. If you do not want to make raspberry syrup at home you can choose it from good brands like Monin, Da-Vinci, or Torani. You can also use alcohols other than rum such as Chambord as a rum substitute.

Conventionally, the knickers cocktail is served in a passé glass with lots of crumpled ice. The cocktail creates a wonderful “martini” also. Just shake it and strain the blended drink with the help of a sieve into an ice-cold cocktail glass tumbler.

knickerbocker recipe

Ingredients Required for Great Knickerbocker Recipe

  • Gold rum 2.5 ounces
  • Raspberry syrup 0.5 ounce 
  • Curacao 1 teaspoon (orange)  
  • Lime juice 0.5 ounces (fresh, you can also use lemon juice)
  • Lime slices or lemon slices for garnishing
  • Seasonal berries for garnishing

How to make a Great Knickerbocker Cocktail?

  1. Gather up all the ingredients.
  2. Fill the cocktail shaker with crushed ice and then pour raspberry syrup, orange curacao syrup, and lime juice or lemon juice as per your choice. 
  3. Shake it, shake it, and shake it.
  4. Stain the blended cocktail with the help of a strainer in the ice-filled passé tall glass tumbler.
  5. Now, the final step, garnish the glass with the lemon slice or lime slice with some seasonal berries. 

The Great Knickerbocker Cocktail is all set to be relish!

Some Tried and Tested Tips for The Great Knickerbocker Cocktail

You can modify fruits in the cocktail as per taste and need. The alteration of fruit content also depends upon the type and freshness of the raspberry syrup. It is like that if you find the cocktail too sweet you can balance the sweetness by adding citrus fruit juices or it is not sweet enough as per your taste you can make it sweeter by adding more raspberry treacle. Do remember to add a small amount of orange curacao as it makes the drink bit bitter.

Initially, the Knickerbocker recipe includes the St. Croix rum, Santa Cruz. Later the David Wondrich a cocktail historian, recommends that any contemporary “medium-bodied golden rum” will be an ideal substitute for the knickerbockers cocktail.

The History of the Great Knickerbocker Cocktail

The Knickerbocker name describes true New Yorkers. According to cocktail historian Wondrich, it often denotes to those of Dutch descent who relished more parties than the aloof “Yankees.”

In the satirical book by Irving, in 1806, he wrote about the culture of New York City. The New Yorkers were a more reserved type of people.

The recipe of the great Knickerbocker cocktail first appeared in the bartending guide “Bon Vivant’s Companion” written by Jerry Thomas in 1862. It is unknown who first produced the cocktail or from where the cocktail originated? However, there are several claims to its creation. Simon Difford, a drink and cocktail expert, writes in his book the Difford’s Guide that there were several variants of the great Knickerbocker cocktail in the 20th century.

The most popular variant of the great Knickerbocker cocktail is a bit different from the current recipe. It contains orange peels instead of lemon slices. This recipe is served straight up without any garnishing, as it already contains citrus slices and wedges. It is indeed a great cocktail, and everyone should give this cocktail once a try at their parties, gatherings, or occasions.  

Another popular knickerbocker  recipe  is more of a shaken martini with the only hint of sweet and pleasant vermouth.

knickerbocker recipe

How Strong Is the Great Knickerbocker Cocktail?

The Knickerbocker cocktail with bit sweet hints and fruity notes is sure packs a fruity punch that is somewhat “knickerbocker cocktail” namesakes. As usual, the alcohol content of this wonderful cocktail is 25 percent ABV that is 50 proof. The 50 proof is typical to the classic-style cocktails like the great knickerbockers.

Recommended Rums for the Great Knickerbocker  Recipe

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