Rum Cocktails | Best Jean Harlow Cocktail Recipe 2021

Between 1911 and 1937, Jean Harlow the first platinum blonde who brought sex to the movies of Hollywood, introduced her own cocktail. That cocktail later got named after her as The Jean Harlow Cocktail. The cocktail is slightly sweet like the martini rum that was supposedly the favorite one of the blonde actress. 

The recipe for Jean Harlow Cocktail is easy and quick. It just needs an equal mix of light rum and sweet vermouth. The cocktail is served in a thin and delicate glass tumbler. The edge of the delicate cocktail glass is decorated with a sexy spiral of lemon.

However, the Jean Harlow cocktail is not as famous as the Manhattan or martini, but yet, it is a captivating experience for its drinkers. That clearly shows how various classic cocktails with simple ingredients have their signature and famous taste around the globe. It is also one more evidence of the flexibility of vermouth, showing that it is a bar vital.

jean harlow cocktail recipe

Ingredients required for Jean Harlow Cocktail Recipe

  • Light rum 2 ounces
  • Sweet vermouth 2 ounces 
  • Lemon peel for garnishing

How to make a Jean Harlow Cocktail?

  1. Collect all the ingredients.
  2. Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  3. Strain this blended rum with the help of a sieve.
  4. Pour the strained cocktail into the tall rum glass.
  5. Use a wedge of fresh lime to garnish.

The Jean Harlow Cocktail is all set to be relish!

Some Tried and Tested Tips for The Perfect Jean Harlow Cocktail Recipe

For the Jean Harlow cocktail, you can adjust the vermouth to rum ratio as per your need and taste. This is the beauty of all classically styled cocktails that are prepared in martini-style. But, it is recommended to use equal parts of both rum and vermouth. Many drinkers use less vermouth like just 0.5 ounces. All ratios are adjustable according to the taste of the drinker. 

For the perfect Jean Harlow cocktail recipe, the better quality of the rum is mandatory. So, be specific with the rum quality while preparing the cocktail. The drink made by this recipe is a very clear assortment and will reveal off any froths and impurities in the rum. The Jean Harlow cocktail is a good choice for delicate and straight drinkers. 

Do not use long air-exposed vermouth in the preparation of the Jean Harlow cocktail. For this purpose, always close the cap of the vermouth bottle after pouring it. As we all know, vermouth has a lesser shelf-life that is of just two to three months. And if the vermouth once opened, store it in a cool and dry place like in the refrigerator.

While making sexy lemon peel spirals, use a canelle knife that will complete the lemon peeling work with expertise without less effort. This knife is a gift for amateur ones. 

After cutting the spirals, roll them gently in the form of a twist. And squeeze this spiral twist over the prepared cocktail. This technique will give the Jean Harlow Cocktail a subtle scent of lemon freshness.

Jean Harlow Cocktail Recipe Variants

The novel Jean Harlow cocktail endorses the light rum; however, one can use a pleasant matured rum in its place. Aged rum will give the hint of oak wood that will be a nice add-on to the cocktail.

You can experiment with some hints of bitters. For instance, Angostura rum (a dark, aged, and aromatic rum) an aromatic bitter will give a pleasant accent to the Jean Harlow Cocktail. You can also alter flavors by using keg-matured bitters, peach bitters, orange bitters, and anything of your choice. 

 As we are all aware that, rums are prepared from molasses, sugars, or blending by other rums. The cocktail has a naturally sweet taste. However, you can use dry vermouth to make the Jean Harlow Cocktail but, you have to add sweetener later in this drink like you can add a bit of curacao and grenadine. But, most drinkers do not like this idea, and it requires acquired taste. 

jean harlow cocktail recipe

How Strong Is a Jean Harlow Cocktail?

Jean Harlow cocktail is a potent drink like all alcohol based drinks. When the Jean Harlow prepared with 80 proof rum, the cocktail has an alcohol by volume ABV 24 percent that is 48 proof. If anyone enjoys two straight Jean Harlow cocktails, it would be like straight dinking of the rum single shot. So, relish the sexy Jean Harlow cocktail with friends and family.

Recommended Rums for the Perfect Jean Harlow Cocktail Recipe

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