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gosling's gold rum

Gosling’s Gold Rum is originating from Bermuda++. James Gosling founded the Gosling Company in 1806 in Bermuda. Since then, the family is running this business and call themselves, Spirits of Bermuda. Gosling’s Gold Rum is the 2003 gold award winner at the International Rum Festival Awards.

It is also the bronze and silver award winner in 2006, 2007, and 2016 from WSC San Francisco. This gold rum is the fusion of the pot and column from Bermuda and brings depth to classic rum cocktail with the smooth finish. Today, this gold rum is the backbone of Gosling’s brand in the whole world.

Fast Facts about Gosling’s Gold Rum

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, it’s country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Gosling’s Gold Rum are below.

Rum Type

Gold and Aged

Price Point

Moderately Expensive

Origin Country



40% ABV

Gosling’s Gold Rum Notes 

Nose, Taste, and Finish are the three main qualities that discern different types of rums from one another. The Nose is the scent of the rum. The Taste is obvious, it’s the mouthfeel, and the different flavors you can determine when you take a sip and swirl it around.

Finally, the Finish is when you swallow the sip you took, the flavors that come through when it’s sliding down. To the left are the tasting notes for Gosling’s Gold.


The Gosling’s Gold rum has an official logo with the endorsement of the year. The background sticker shows the Bermuda beach, and the seahorse holding the oak barrel displays the culture of Bermuda.  


Gosling’s Gold Rum, Personal Take 

Gosling’s  rum is almost two-century-old amber rum. The golden tone expertly crafted in oak barrels that give them tender and creamlike tastes. It has an influential fragrance of vanilla and fruits, marshmallows, and brown sugar. The taste further brings soft flavors of caramel toffee, warm spice of citrus peels, and roasted almonds. 

Final Thought 

The Gosling’s rum is the most extended clandestinely held spirit corporation in the world, and the Gosling’s Gold Rum is the worldwide sensation due to its palate and features. It has a delightful flavor of caramelized brown sugar, buttery marshmallows, vanilla, toffee, and roasted almonds. The gold rum works excellently in cocktails. One should try it with a cocktail or neat with the ice cube to get the best punch out of it. 

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Other Gold and Aged Rums in the Moderately Expensive Category

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Recommended Drinks To Make With Gosling’s Gold Rum

The best way to enjoy a high-quality rum such as Gosling’s Gold Rum is to utilize it in a nice drink. Below are four great drink recipes that will be enhanced by utilizing Gosling’s Gold Rum in place of any low-quality rum you may consider.