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diplomatico mantuano

Diplomatico rums are known for setting a fine example of what a good sipping rum should be. Venezuelan rum at its finest, the Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo is another product of the fine pedigree of rums distillery that now brings us a great sipping rum at a lower price point that the elusive “Exclusiva” bottles but still retaining that much sought after flavoring and blending.

Combining the best of their column, batch kettle, and pot still products, the Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo is an aged molasses and cane honey rum that stands up on its own legs worthy of its own fanfare in the Diplomatico family.

Fast Facts About The Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, its country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo below.

Rum Type

Gold and Aged

Price Point

Moderately Expensive

Origin Country



40.0% ABV

The Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo Notes

Tasting Notes

Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo : Packaging and Product

diplomatico mantuano

Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo : Our Personal Take

We’re already on record as having loved the popular bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, so it should come as no surprise that we thoroughly enjoyed this bottle of Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo. It comes in at a lower price point and is similar enough in flavor and taste that we may take to the Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo over the Reserva for our regular go-to bottle of sipping rums.

We won’t tell you that it is identical, but it is just as warm and inviting, perhaps a trick of the mind but one that wholeheartedly works on us. This bottle of rum is a great example of a distillery branching out and trying to capture as much of the rum sipping audience as they can. Worthy of the name, this rum is a fine sipping drink.

Rum Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

Not identical to it’s predecessor Reserva but close enough it fullness and flavor, Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo is a great bottle of sipping rum for sharing at the table when you can’t justify purchasing the elite bottles. Flavors that hold their own, a name that commands respect, and a sip that will tell its own story, this bottle is a great mid point sipping rum.

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Recommended Drinks To Make With The Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo

The best way to enjoy a high-quality rum such as The Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo is to utilize it in a nice drink. Below are four great drink recipes that will be enhanced by utilizing The Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo in place of any low-quality rum you may consider.