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diplomatico anejo rumDiplomatico Anejo Rum is the hottest gold rum and regarded Venezuela’s dominant exports thanks to the famous and unique aroma of rum throughout the planet. Its perseverance, fragrance, and ingredients make it demanding within the whole world.

Today, this gold rum is the exceptional sipping rum in Venezuela. It is one in all the simplest amber rums in terms of its balance, taste, colors, and ingredients.

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Diplomatico Anejo Rum Notes


  • Diplomatico Anejo Rum gives chocolate and milky coffee taste mingled with oaky spices with a small hint of cloves with vanilla and raisins. 
  • The initial nose is creamy, however, not in and of itself heavy.


  • The Diplomatico Anejo Rum gives quite a pleasant chocolatey fudge taste within the palate.
  • The taste is medium-full with the emerging taste of oaky spices.


  • The Diplomatico Anejo Rum contains a decent length. It is quite peppery with the notes of chocolate and spices.


The Diplomatico Anejo Rum is the blend of spirits which kept in ex- malt spirit barrels or ex-bourbon whisky casks for about four years to induce the Anejo fragrance. The Diplomatico Anejo produces the most effective taste if mixes with the ice cubes or cocktails.

Bottle /Packaging

Diplomatico Anejo Rum comes in squat bottles that are the best options for the bar shelf. The bottle features a medium-long neck that is a touch easy to grab the bottle while traveling. The outlook of the rum gives a handy impression. The bottle itself is straightforward to pour and does not spill while pouring. The label of the bottle displays a simple presentation with all relevant information about ingredients in retail price.

Rum Itself

The Diplomatico Anejo Rum is the youngest rum of the Diplomatico rum family. It is four years old rum kept in ex-bourbon whisky barrels. The liquid brings the creamy character with nuances of coffee and caramel, and the secret behind the creamy flavor is blends of chocolate that brings the chocolatey notes within the palate.

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The Diplomatico Anejo Rum, Personal Take

Diplomatico Anejo Rum is nearly four years of amber rum. The amber complexion expertly crafted in ex-bourbon spirit casks that give the rum a mellow, smooth, and decent palate. It is a powerful aroma of oaky spices, vanilla, sugar, nuts, and chocolate. The taste further brings creamy flavors of coffee, caramel, and raisins that make it a touch overpowering.

Final Thought

The Diplomatico Anejo Rum is taken into account a world sensation thanks to its light brashness and creamy flavor. It is the best aroma of caramelized sugar, vanilla, toffee, and roasted nuts. The amber-gold rum works perfectly in cocktails with ice cubes. It is called the most effective Anejo rum because of its style and creamy flavors. So, one should provide a try and get the most effective creamy and nutty taste out of it.

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