Rum Cocktails | BEST Daiquiri RECIPE 2021

The daiquiri first originated in Cuba just before the 1900s. The name “daiquiri” originated from a small town called Daiquiri that was in Santiago is thought to have been developed in the late 1800s in Cuba. The name comes from a small town of the same name near Santiago. The intent was to create a medicine that could be used for basic treatment, so it is essentially a rum made by accident.

While it is a very popular rum, it may be put to use as a medicinal treatment as well. It gained popularity in the late 90s and Ernest Hemingway, the well-known linguist, and writer was an avid fan. He loved the daiquiri so much that he even has one that has uses his name, making it the Hemingway daiquiri. It is different from the original daiquiri as it adds a flavor of grapefruit to it to make the drink more tropical and exotic.

The recipe for making daiquiri is quite simple and easy to understand. Original daiquiri relies on 3 major ingredients which, if added in the right quantity, give the drink the flavor that makes it so popular among veterans. The quality ingredients that should be used for this purpose are the premium quality rum, lime juice that is freshly made, and syrup made at home. The original daiquiri has just the right mix of sweet and sour taste, with the ability to modify the taste just a little according to personal taste. After a few tries, you will find the taste that suits you best, at that point, you will realize daiquiris aren’t meant to be just sweet drinks at a bar

In essence, the daiquiri is supposed to be a sour drink akin to classic drinks like the margarita or a traditional martini. Since it’s an invention, many different types of daiquiris have popped up with slight variations according to the region and taste of people in general.

daiquiri recipe

Ingredients needed for Daiquiri Recipe

  •  Light Rum: 1.5 ounces
  • Fresh Lime Juice: 0.75 ounces
  •  0.5 to 0.75 ounces of Syrup, adjustable according to your taste
  •  Some ice cubes as per your choice

How to make a Daiquiri:

  •  Get all the ingredients together
  •  Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker
  •  Shake a little, then add ice cubes
  •  Pour into a glass that is properly chilled
  •  Serve and watch as your customers enjoy

Some Important Tips For Daiquiri Recipe  :

To find a perfect mix in regards to taste, you can adjust the taste by adding syrup or lime, just to make sure the drink is neither too sour nor too sweet. The choice of the syrup has a major impact as well. Using a 2:1 syrup would mean you have to use a much lesser quantity as compared to when using a 1:1 syrup. Normally, you wouldn’t want to garnish a daiquiri, but if you decide to do it, the best way to go about it is to use twisted lime peel or a lime wedge.

As is common with the best classic cocktails, daiquiri’s are supposed to have a small volume to remain a neat, short drink. For this reason, more than 3 ounces aren’t usually made. Though it’s still up to you to make a greater volume by doubling the recipe or adding more ice to increase the volume.

daiquiri recipe

How Strong Is a Daiquiri?

It is quite a strong drink. The alcohol content is about 20% if you make it according to the recipe shared above. 1 or 2 drinks should be enough for the night. You can dilute it by adding fruit juice or syrup, preferably bananas or strawberries to maintain a good taste as well.

Possible Variations in the Daiquiri Recipe

The recipe explained above is the most common and simplest version of the Daiquiri. All you have to do is add the 3 ingredients and mix them with ice. To add some extra flavor, you could add some fruits on top if you wish. The daiquiri with added strawberry is very popular and in high demand. The banana daiquiri is commonly used at parties in the summer and can be added with some Jell-o for an extra refreshing experience.

A unique, yet very tasty daiquiri is the rhubarb mixed rosemary one in which the rosemary syrup is added to rhubarb juice. This has a light and refreshing texture to it that is great for a hot summer day. Another variation is the blueberry daiquiri in which you add a little honey and blueberries. It has a sweet and sour taste to tingle the senses.

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