Rum Cocktails | Best Chicago Fizz Recipe 2021

The Chicago Fizz is a traditional mixed cocktail which is a creamy, amazing fizz with heavy rum as well as ruby wine as the foundation. It is indeed a perfect escape from the memory and an elegant beverage with a variety of flavors and appearance.

As the title implies, the Chicago Fizz holds its origins within the Windy City. Whoever produced it or when it came into being is likely to be unknown. All we know is that it moved across the country well before Legalization and then was sold throughout the Waldorf-Astoria pub. This Great Chicago rum had a short prominence, and while it was a fantastic drink, it soon was considered an odd cocktail contained in just a couple of pub guides.

You should definitely give a shot to this Great Chicago Fizz. This drink is nothing less of an experience and a tasty variation of the most famous fizz drinks such as the Gin Fizz or the New Orleans Fizz.

chicago fizz recipe

Ingredients Required for The Great Chicago Fizz Recipe

  • Dark rum 1 ounce
  • Ruby port wine 1 ounce
  • Lemon juice 0.5 ounces (ideally fresh)
  • Refined sugar 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml)
  • Garnish with Club soda/Seltzer Water
  • 1​Egg white (albumin)

How to make a Great Chicago Fizz?

  1. Put all the above-mentioned ingredients (excluding the soda) into an ice-filled cocktail mixer.
  2. Mix thoroughly for about 30 seconds.
  3. Pour into a glass of cooled Collins.
  4. Garnish the mixture with club soda.

Kudos! You have made your first Great Chicago Fizz and now, you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

Total Time Needed For Preparing The Great Chicago Fizz

  • Maximum time: 4 minutes
  • Preparation time: 4 minutes
  • Frying time: 0 minutes
  • Allowed to serve: Can be served to 1 person
  • Produces: 1 beverage

So, you just have to take out 4 minutes from your busy day and you’ll get a chance to enjoy the exceptional taste of the Great Chicago Fizz.

Raw Egg Alert

Eating raw and gently-cooked eggs creates a chance for food-borne sickness. So, you can skip the egg white ingredient if you want to.

Tested Tips for The Great Chicago Fizz Recipe

For the Great Chicago Fizz, heavy rum as well as the ruby port wine are crucial foundations. Conversely, these options provide the beverage its essence and intense taste and simpler forms of either would make an extremely boring drink.

You can ignore the raw egg white ingredient if you want, but you will notice that the drink loses a bit of its luscious charm. The uncooked egg white doesn’t quite change the drink’s taste but provides it a creamy look that is rather ravishing. Prior to including soda, the poured beverage would contain a smooth appearance, and a fizz will appear on the surface to provide a stunning look.

Keep a special focus on the stirring when preparing any beverage that contains an egg or natural sugar. The trick to these beverages is to guarantee that the items are blended completely and also that the egg is cracked down correctly and is combined with the remaining ingredients. An average of 30 seconds is fine although I try to encourage myself enough to “move it until it aches.” Egg beverages can be a healthy exercise for the muscles.

Though canned club soda or even the seltzer water would do, it’s great with the soda that is from a nice, primitive soda siphon (like with any foam). Try giving the soda can a rapid, cautious shake when you don’t contain more soda to provide it may be a little bit more fizz.

Helpful hint: Break open the grip on the lid ever so gently while dealing with those tiny glass containers of soda and then, wait for a few moments for the immediate gas escape before fully removing the lid. By doing all this, you’ll halt the soda from bubbling around the edges and making chaos.

chicago fizz recipe

How Powerful Is the Great Chicago Fizz?

The Great Chicago Fizz can differ in its alcoholic concentration since there are several parameters included in producing it. To have a basic understanding of its intensity, let’s say that we produce this drink with egg, a 40 proof port wine, and 80 proof rum and complete it by pouring around 1 ounce of soda. The final product would be around 15 percent alcohol by volume (30 proof) in this case.

Recommended Rums for The Great Chicago Fizz Recipe

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