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The Karakasevic family first crafted Charbay Tropical Islands Rum. They are in the business of rum distillation for twelve generations. They follow traditional and labor-intensive methods for double and triple distillations. The Alembic Stills made of Charentais Copper, are used for their classic rum distillation. Since ages, the family is renowned for its handcrafted production of luxury wines, spirits, and liqueurs.

The Charbay tropical island rum is a white rum, made from pure sugar cane juice fermentation instead of molasses distillation. Charbay distillery uses the best quality sugar canes exported from Hawaii. They use the hand-pressed concentrated sugarcane juice that is later, hand distilled thrice. Through this detailed fermentation and distillation process, the rum gets its unique color. This rum has a leafy aroma, clear appearance, and the combination gives a sophisticated crispy finish.  

Fast Facts About Charbay Tropical Islands Rum 

Rum type: Light rum.

Price Point: More Expensive.

Country of Origin: United States

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%.

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum Notes

Karakasevic’s family has vast experience in winery & spirit distillation. They follow their ancestral methods in every step of rum production. Charbay tropical island rum is also unique in a way that it is hand distilled triple times to achieve purity. Also, it is a well-aged rum. It has an extremely smooth and silky flavor that adds a uniqueness to its taste.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Sweet leafy aroma with hints of botanical notes.
  • Palate: Slight sweet with the hints of toasty sugar
  • Finish: long and sophisticated crisp with notes of cacao coat.

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum has a traditional white heavy, fogged glass bottle. The labeling seems etched, but actually, it is not. It represents a modern classic and clean appearance that is an accurate reflection of the rum within.

Rum Itself 

Tripled distilled rums are rare, and Charbay Tropical Islands Rum is one of them, the rum is a unique combination of mellow and deep flavors. The spirit has a long and sophisticated finish with hints of cacao. It has the subtle flavor of sugar cane and toasty cacao that give it a balance of taste. The spirit can be enjoyed on the rock or fused with cocktails.

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum, Personal Take

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum is a top-notch rum, produced in an artisanal way. The rum gets matured for a good long time. At first, the sugarcane juice is fermented, and then it’s triple distilled in still pots. The whole process gives it a leafy aroma with notes of toasty sugar and cacao palate.

The rum is crystal clear in color because of the triple distillation of fermented sugarcane juice. Though it’s a bit heavy on the pocket, yet it’s worth every single penny.

Final Thoughts

Charbay Tropical Islands Rum is the perfect choice for mixing with cocktails or on the rock. So, don’t think twice and pick a bottle today, cheer it up with your peers, we assure you will enjoy every sip.

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