Light Rum

Diplomatico Planas Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Reviews about for one of the most popular sipping rums out there, the Diplomatico Reserva, however its silver sister, Diplomatico Blanco got much less fanfare until it was announced that it would be replaced by this bottle, the Diplomatico Planas. Suddenly everyone rushed to try this white rum and discovered that it is a surprisingly … Read more

Havana Club White Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Many people will look at you twice when you suggest a light rum over ice, however, experienced aficionados of rum sipping are keenly aware that a good light rum can have qualities you desire that won’t be found in a bottle of brown syrup. Havana Club White Rum is marketed as “Havana Club Anejo Blanco” … Read more

Ronrico Rum Silver Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Inexpensive for the wallet, light rum in the bottle, Ronrico Rum has benefits that stand out when shopping for your bottle of rum. While a light rum may not be your first choice in a sipping rum, and your second red flag might be how inexpensive the bottle is, take a chance on the wide … Read more

Rhum Clement Premiere Canne | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Homére Clément founded Rhum Clément Premiere Canne  in 1887 on the island of Martinique. This rhum distils at Simon Distillery and finishes at a sugar refinery, Habitation Clément. This rum produces from 100% exclusive pressed sugar cane juice and is aged for nine months in steel casks before actual bottling. The final state of rhum … Read more

Wray and Nephew White Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

J Wray and Nephew is a well-known overproof rum made in Kingston, Jamaica, with 126 proofs weighed in. Wray and Nephew White Rum is not just a highly famous spirit in their native country but is even the globe’s top-selling high-power rum. It is made from a mixture of both container and panel distilling of … Read more

Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

The Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum is produced by the corporation that commissioned the Foursquare Rum Distillery. The distillery is famous for producing Silver rums and Gold rums. The Foursquare uses a blend of column-still and copper potted rums to make their products. Fast Facts About Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum Of all the information … Read more

Starr African Rum Light Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Mauritius is self-sufficient in producing sugar and it is a global fact that when there are Navy and sugar, there is rum! Starr African Rum is a mixture of various rums that were aged in ex whisky kegs, for a good three to five years. Before bottling, Starr passes from various filtration processes to remove … Read more

Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum | Rum Reviewer Reviews

Ron Matusalem Platino Light Rum is a Dominican Republic special. It is crafted by fermentation of molasses in and then distilled and filtered via charcoal. The whole process of distillation gives it a transparent crystal color and delicately sweet and cocoa beans aroma.  The Ron Matusalem Platino rum is unique in a way that it … Read more

Ron Castillo Rum Light Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Based in Puerto Rico, House of Bacardi designed Ron Castillo Rum Light as a slightly less expensive alternative. It gave tough competition to brands catering to domestic levels.  Ron Castillo’s silver rum is light. It is famous due to its premium taste with smoothness at an affordable price. It’s light-bodied and dry rum.  Fast Facts … Read more