Dark Rum

Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

If you know anything about the man who inspired this rum and for whom it is named, you won’t be surprised to find that Papa’s Pilar Dark rum is a complex and interesting bottle if rum that delivers a robust, yet unexpected rum sipping experience. Earnest Hemingway traveled the world and wrote about mankind’s strife, … Read more

Old Monk Rum 7 Year | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

What is rum if not the pure distillation of sugarcane and molasses that we’ve come to know so well. And if that distillation takes place anywhere in the world, what difference should it make? Well, here is Old Monk Rum 7 Year rum, an offering from India of all places, proving that the purity of … Read more

Smith and Cross Rum – Navy | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

When you want a Navy rum, you look to the United Kingdom and London, England’s dominance over everything of the era for better or worse, and that includes the tradition of a great Navy Rum. Smith and Cross Rum hails from the fine traditions of seafaring captains and their crews, a strong and robust rum … Read more

Plantation Original Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Rum fans are in agreement that Plantation Original Dark Rum is a solid entry into the rum sipping world. There are those that call it too sweet, some too strong, but for the most part, Plantation Original Dark Rum is considered a well-rounded blended rum that checks all the boxes and can satisfy the palate … Read more

Ron Barcelo Rum Anejo | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Sipping rum can be a new occasion for some drinkers who think of cocktails as the place where all rum belongs, but Ron Barcelo Rum Anejo is an excellent bottle to begin your exploration into a wider world where rum can be enjoyed in its own without the distractions of cola or cocktails. You may … Read more

Brugal 1888 | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

There was a change in the Brugal manufacturing process and though the distillation of the finest ingredients is still Brugal’s promise, it was the move to an completely different aging process in a hand picked and specially chosen selection of casks that make the Brugal 1888 stand apart from the spirits of the past. Perhaps … Read more

Captain Morgan Private Stock | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Not long ago there was a large advertising campaign and the image of Captain Morgan Rum became a household name. The regular bottles of Captain Morgan were tasty and perfect for mixing up your favorite rum cocktail but then the distillery came to us with this bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock. The days of … Read more

Cruzan Aged Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Cruzan offers up a wide variety of rums from the ordinary to the exotic and this bottle of Cruzan Aged Dark Rum falls lower on the price scale and ranks higher than expected on the flavor scale. The dark colors of this wheat-colored rum are a good indication of what you will taste, a fine … Read more

Zaya 12 Year Rum Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Zaya  12 Year Rum  is vibrant, medium-sized rum with lots of vanilla including flavors of cinnamon for over 12 years aged in recycled bourbon barrels. It was formerly manufactured in Guatemala; however, it is now manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago. This item used to have a 12-year aged remark but currently, the bottle just shows … Read more

Zacapa Dark Rum 23 Year | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Ron Zacapa Dark Rum was originally produced in 1976 within the Guatemala highlands, at which it is extracted from natural cane juice until processing at 62° F (17° C) at 7544 feet. The process that is used to produce Ron Zacapa 23 in white bourbon barrels has been the 500-year-old Spanish Sistema Solera technique. This … Read more