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castillo rumCastillo Rum is a company that comes under the Ron de Castillo division. Bacardi Limited owns and manufactures this product. Castillo Rums resides in Puerto Rico next to the rum goliath Bacardi.

Castillo White Light Rum is a white rum derived from refined molasses. This light rum from Puerto Rico is especially suitable for use in cocktails. It is kept in oak casks for a minimum of one year to impart softness. This rum is fairly dry and light-bodied. It gives out a silvery amber golden shade.

Fast Facts About Castillo White Light Rum

  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40.0%

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Castillo  Rum Notes 

With every sip you take, you experience a lovely, aromatic feeling. 

  • Nose: Mildly spicy, lightly charred oak, a hint of incredibly light molasses and alcohol traces make up the scent. Vanilla, sugar, and a subtle citrus aroma is also detected.  
  • Palate/Taste: It starts with the creamy sensation in the mouth due to the presence of vanilla, sugar, and caramel on the tongue. It gives a nice and sweet mouthfeel. 
  • Finish: It finishes with a sweetening citrus flavoring. 

Castillo Rum White Light Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packaging 

Other than the color combinations, the bottle’s shape is just like a glass sloping downwards. It has a gray-colored label that provides the name and some important details about the rum in black and silver color. The word ‘Silver’ is specifically written in silver color to portray the color of the rum. The bottle is sealed with a silver metal cork. 

The Rum Itself 

Castillo Light White Rum is silver in color. This rum is normally aged and carbon-filtered to eliminate all the color. It usually does not require any specific amount of time for aging. The sweetness of the molasses overlooks the sharpness of the alcohol to a huge extent. 

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Castillo Rum White Light Rum: Our Personal Take

The mouth does not tend to burn much because the ABV is only 40%. If you are worried that this rum will disappoint you just like the others in a similar price range, you have to try this. It will make you forget all your bad past experiences.  Adding coke, lime, and ice to this rum will let you make an excellent drink for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Castillo White Light Rum is perfect for you if you are looking for a worthy branded product. It is made from some of the best molasses out there. It can even be mixed with some of the beverages to make you the best-suited drink for your mood. If you are looking for a rum in this price range, there is no better option for you. You have nothing to worry about because Castillo White Light Rum will satisfy every last one of your expectations. We assure you that you will also agree with us after tasting this delicious rum.

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