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captain morgan spiced rumCaptain Morgan Spiced Rum introduced in 1984. Admiral Sir Henry Morgan is also known as Captain Morgan, was the famous 17th Century Welsh Privateer. He gained popularity in the Caribbean, Panama, and Cuba after attacking the Spaniards. The UK conglomerate Diageo introduced Captain Morgan Spiced Rum in his honor in 1984. Today, it is considered the most famous and successful spiced rum across the United Kingdom due to the standards the company has set for it. 

Captain Morgan Spiced rum is made up of the secret blend of Caribbean Island and is aged at least one year to get the signature taste. The distillery of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum uses natural spices, and it is well known for the purity within its products. Let us explore more about this famous spiced rum to get all the major and minor details regarding it. 

Fast Facts about Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 

Rum Type: Spiced Rum

Price Point: $12.99 for 750 ml, $21.99 for 1 L & $22.99 for 1.75L 

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Notes 


  • The initial nose has a sharp, sweet vanilla and cinnamon showcase like the carnival candy with the slight touch of citrus. 


  • The amber spiced rum first taste is vegetal flavors with plenty of vanilla.


  • The finish of Captain Morgan Rum is a little piquant accompanied by the burn of cinnamon and vegetal flavor. 


The logo of Captain Morgan  rum is one of the famous trademarks in the whole world due to the historical association of Captain Morgan with the Britain Government. 

Bottle /Packaging

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) features a different keystone design on the neck of Captain Morgan Spiced rum. The bottle itself is handy, easy to pour in a glass, and fits in the shelf quite easily. It is difficult to argue about the comparison of Captain Morgan Spiced rum with others in the same category as this rum is all in one for the spiced rum lovers. 

Rum Itself 

Captain Morgan Spiced rum displays the bewitching amber color in the glass. The recipe of Captain Morgan Spiced rum is traditionally made from pure sugarcane and vanilla but with the modern exotic addition of spices to make it the best spicy rum. It is quite famous due to the pleasant aroma of vanilla with a slight accent of cinnamon and nutmeg. However, the spicy attitude of rum does not offend the taste. 

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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Personal Take 

Captain Morgan spiced rum is high-quality rum with refined ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, plenty of vanilla, and vegetal flavors. This spiced rum can be the perfect rum for the sunny day with the lime floating in it.  

Final Thought 

The vanilla fragrance of Captain Morgan Spiced rum is very smooth and flavorful. The aroma of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg brings the real taste to the spiced rum. It is undoubtedly Diegeo‚Äôs number one and top-selling product all around the world. Its appearance, taste, and signature flavor make it top-selling among all other spicy rums.  

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