Castillo Spiced Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Underneath the Ron de Castillo division, Castillo  Spiced Rums is a company located in Puerto Rico by rum goliath Bacardi. These are typical fashioned rums crafted from molasses. Castillo Spiced Rum is a gold rum. This rum is a pleasant and spicy concept of Castillo Rums. It is known as ‘Spiced’ rum due to the … Read more

Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

If you know anything about the man who inspired this rum and for whom it is named, you won’t be surprised to find that Papa’s Pilar Dark rum is a complex and interesting bottle if rum that delivers a robust, yet unexpected rum sipping experience. Earnest Hemingway traveled the world and wrote about mankind’s strife, … Read more

Diplomatico Planas Rum | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

Reviews about for one of the most popular sipping rums out there, the Diplomatico Reserva, however its silver sister, Diplomatico Blanco got much less fanfare until it was announced that it would be replaced by this bottle, the Diplomatico Planas. Suddenly everyone rushed to try this white rum and discovered that it is a surprisingly … Read more

Old Monk Rum 7 Year | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

What is rum if not the pure distillation of sugarcane and molasses that we’ve come to know so well. And if that distillation takes place anywhere in the world, what difference should it make? Well, here is Old Monk Rum 7 Year rum, an offering from India of all places, proving that the purity of … Read more

Smith and Cross Rum – Navy | Rum Reviewer Expert Rum Reviews

When you want a Navy rum, you look to the United Kingdom and London, England’s dominance over everything of the era for better or worse, and that includes the tradition of a great Navy Rum. Smith and Cross Rum hails from the fine traditions of seafaring captains and their crews, a strong and robust rum … Read more

Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo | Rum Reviewer Rum Reviews

Diplomatico rums are known for setting a fine example of what a good sipping rum should be. Venezuelan rum at its finest, the Diplomatico Mantuano Extra Anejo is another product of the fine pedigree of rums distillery that now brings us a great sipping rum at a lower price point that the elusive “Exclusiva” bottles … Read more

Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend | Expert Rum Reviews

Don’t be confused by the recent name change, “recent” always a relative term, but Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend is the same as the Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year, so if you’re already familiar with this fine sipping rum, you already know how good it is. One of the oldest rums on the market … Read more

Santa Teresa Rum 1796 Solera | Rum Reviewer Expert Reviews

Venezuelan rums are something you must try neat if you want to get the full rum sipping experience.  The Santa Teresa Rum1796 is a strong contender to represent the best of these South American rums as the distinct flavors of this Solera rum will have you enjoying the drink and forgetting all the concerns of … Read more