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bartons rumBartons Rum is an excellent base spirit for cocktails and different tropical punches. It brings the taste of slightly sweet vanilla extracts, and it is super affordable for everyone. This rum is aged for one year or a maximum for three years in oaks barrels or stainless silver tanks.

Barton White rums distill from the by-product of the sugarcane, is also known as molasses. Molasses is fermented with water and yeast to make Barton white rum. Barton White rum is also known as Barton “Silver” rum. Let us explore this cost-effective silver rum and guide you through its distinctive notes.  

Fast Facts about Bartons Rum White Rum

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Bartons Rum White Rum  Notes 


  • Barton White Rum has a distinctive flavor of vanilla extracts with the slight fragrance of alcohol present in the nose as well as the back of the throat. 


  • Barton White rum gives unbelievably silky and smooth on the palate. The aftertaste of this rum is some candy-like notes like butterscotch and sweet flavor. 


  • Barton White rum has a gentle finish with a sweet taste of fruit dipped in alcohol. 


Bartons rum has an official logo of the Caribbean Sea with the ship represents the rum is best for beach drink. The plastic cap of the container is beige matched with the main label. The bottle is handy and easy to carry on the picnic at the beach.  

Bottle /Packaging

Barton white rum is the unique product of all varieties of white rums. The bottle contains either 1 liter or 1.75 liters of white rum with plenty of vanilla extracts. It comes in light-weight glass packaging. The big brand at such a low price has a clear label with all the required information. The whole bottle packaging is quite sophisticated, subtle, and appears as a premium and competitive brand with other expensive white rums. 

Rum Itself 

Bartons rum has a sweet hint of vanilla extract, a neutral fragrance that can pair with almost all flavors, and its transparent color does not affect the appearance of the drink. The company claims that Barton white rum is prepared to satisfy the expensive taste of silver rums. This smooth and silky rum has a medium-bodied palate and is an absolute choice for mixing with other island drinks. 

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Bartons Rum White Rum, Personal Take 

Bartons rum is one of the excellent spirits producers operating in the United States on account of its affordable price and great clean taste. People universally appreciate Barton white rum because of its unique fragrance of vanilla extract. Barton white rum is quite popular in Kentucky beaches due to its superior taste and fusion with other drinks. 

Final Thought 

 In the world of the liquor cabinet, Barton White rum should be your highest priority as it is the best spirit base for so many classic drinks at a reasonable price. This silver rum provides a decent texture and a profound depth to your other cocktail drinks.

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