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barbancourt white rumDupré Barbancourt invented Rhum Barbancourt white rum in 1862 on the Isle of Haiti. It is recognized the first-class base spirit in Agricole style for cocktails and different tropical punches. Although it is the product of Haiti, however, the foreign markets like to have it more than the local Haitians. It brings the taste of slightly sugarcane, spices, and other tropical fruits.

The age of Rhum Barbancourt White is about six to twelve months in limousin oaks barrels or stainless silver tanks. Rhum Barbancourt White distills from 100% sugarcane. Rhum Barbancourt White is also known as the rhum of connoisseurs because of the French method uses to bring quality taste. Let us explore white rhum and guide you through all the salient features and distinctive notes of it.  

Fast Facts about Rhum Barbancourt White Rum

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Rhum Barbancourt White Rum Notes 


  • The nose of Rhum Barbancourt White is quite intense and cranky. The colorless white rum has peculiar soft notes of mango and banana with the background of spice and alcohol. 


  • Rhum Barbancourt White gives a remarkably sweet taste at first. The mid-palate of this rum has a savory touch with the rich aroma of the tropical fruit.


  • Rhum Barbancourt White has an intense and slightly astringent finish with a sweet taste of fruit dipped in alcohol. 


Rhum Barbancourt White has a sophisticated appearance. The metal cap of the container is rusty golden contrasted with the main label. 

Bottle /Packaging

Rhum Barbancourt White is the bizarre product of Haitian’s all varieties of white rums. The bottle contains 750 milliliters of white rum with the aroma of plenty of tropical fruits and subtle spices. The whole bottle packaging is of glass and comes with a light-weight combination of white and blue that appears top-class of sophistication and intricateness in itself. 

Rum Itself 

Rhum Barbancourt White Rum has a vibrant and sharp hint with the soft notes of nougat, mango, and banana. The fruity fragrance displays determination and frankness. However, the finish of the rhum Barbancourt is piercing and alcoholic. Its transparent color does not affect the appearance of the drink. The company claims that Rhum Barbancourt White is prepared to satisfy the expensive taste of silver rums. This smooth and silky rum is an ideal choice for mojitos and other cocktails drinks. 

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Rhum Barbancourt White Rum, Personal Take 

Rhum Barbancourt White Rum is one of the odorous spirits in Haiti on account of its great sultry fruity taste. Foreign markets terrestrially appreciate Rhum Barbancourt White because of its unique fragrance of fruit pungency. Rhum Barbancourt White is quite popular all over the world due to its sharp, rich, and intense taste and fusion with beachy drinks. 

Final Thought 

Rhum Barbancourt White is venerated all over the world due to its mellow flavor notes and fruity aroma. This white rhum extends a decent texture and a profound depth to your mojitos or your cocktail shots.

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