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bacardi silverIn 1862, Bacardi Silver light rum was originated in the USA, Puerto Rico. Bacardi is the largest privately-owned American company.  As the name implies, it is a light rum that is easily miscible in other drinks. It is aged in oak casks for about 12 to 24 months. After maturation, when ingredients get blended, it is passed through the charcoal filter for the second distillation. It gets its classic sparkling crystal-clear appearance via double distillation. 

Bacardi silver is a light-colored rum. It has a delicate and subtle taste with the hints of vanilla and a slight aroma of tropical fruits and note of almonds. It is overall a neutral rum, and perfect for mixing with cocktails. 


Fast Facts About Bacardi Silver Light Rum 


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Bacardi Silver Light Rum Notes

Bacardi Silver Light is a far-reaching rum, featured in every bar of the world.

The rum has a signature dry and subtle taste that fuses with other drinks. It is sparkling crystal clear in appearance because of double distillation. After mixing, the rum gives deep flavors to cocktails like “raspberry rum mule” and “The minty mojito” 

Bacardi silver is available in three-volume bottles that is 750 ml, 1 liter, and 1.75 liters. The sparkling superior light rum is also light on the pocket.  

Tasting Notes

Nose: Slight citrus, bamboo wood, and a note of blue cheese with hints of grilled almonds.

Palate: Dry and clean, bit sweet with hints of spiced apple, blue cheese, and notes of vanilla and caramel with a blend of black pepper spice.

Finish: Delicate and dry with notes of mushroom soup and black pepper. 

Bacardi Silver Light Rum Appearance

Bottle and Packing 

On the 153rd anniversary, Bacardi overhauled its rum packaging design. The new design is laboriously influenced by the art deco that reflects the heritage of the brand. The bottle is tall, slim, and cylindrical with open shoulders that are evocative of classic style bottles.  

Bacardi always cares for the ecosystem, the paper labels of all bottles are made from the recycled cane fiber, which is a by-product created after making rum.

Rum Itself 

Bacardi Silver rum is a light-colored rum with deep flavors and dry taste. It has fruity notes with floral hints, ideal for mixing with various cocktails. The rum has a neutral character that is neither it disappears nor dominates the flavor of other drinks that are fused with it. 

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Bacardi Silver Light Rum, Personal Take

Bacardi Silver Light Rum is a type of light rum with sparkling crystal-clear color, which it got by double distillation of molasses. It is a pocket-friendly spirit and best for mixing with cocktails. When fused with cocktails, its taste remains neutral with a dry and light touch and a delicate finish.

Final Thoughts

Bacardi Silver Light Rum is for light spirit lovers. The rum is budget-friendly. It can be consumed neat or mixed with other drinks. So, at the next budget-friendly party cheer up with superior silver rum.  

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