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bacardi goldBacardi Gold Rum is the well-known gold rum brand in the world manufactures in Puerto Rico. Don Facundo Bacardi and his brother José first founded this rum in 1862 in Cuba. Facundo Bacardi, at first created a refined version of local rum later on the rum became an international sensation due to its perseverance, aroma, and ingredients.

Bacardi Gold rum generates from a strain of yeast called La Levadura Bacardi that has survived for more than 150 years and provides the spirits its signature flavor. This gold rum passes through the secret blend of charcoal and brings depth to classic rum cocktail with the smooth finish. Today, this gold rum is the backbone of Bacardi’s portfolio of more than 200 labels in the whole world.


Fast Facts about Bacardi Gold Rum

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Bacardi Gold Rum Notes 


  •  Bacardi Gold rum gives a little butterscotch aroma mingled with lemon and orange zest with the sweet banana peel.
  • It provides a warm impression of toast, almond, honey, and vanilla.


  • The Bacardi Gold rum gives quite pleasant taste in the palate.
  • It gives mild butterscotch flavor melded with banana and citrus peels. 


  • The Gold Bacardi has a smooth medium-long finish with the notes of vanilla and caramel. 


The Bacardi Gold rum has an official logo with the fruit bat on the top. The fruit bat represents the memory when the founder Don Facundo Bacardi found fruit bats in the rafters of building in 1862. Fruit bats are considered an omen of success, and good luck in Cuba so has inscribed on all Bacardi Rum bottles ever since.   

Bottle /Packaging

Bacardi Gold rum is available in different sizes from 1 liter to 750 milliliters. The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) features a different keystone design on the neck. The outlook gives an aesthetic appeal and improves the performance of rum container. 

Rum Itself 

The Bacardi Gold rum is hand-blended, charcoal filtered, and aged for two years in American oak barrels. The liquid brings the mellow character with nuances of vanilla and roasted nuts, and the secret behind the mellow flavor is blends of charcoals known ONLY to them.

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Bacardi Gold Rum, Personal Take 

Bacardi Gold rum is almost two-century-old amber rum. The golden complexion is expertly crafted in oak casks and filtered only once through charcoal that gives them mellow and smooth palates. It has a strong aroma of banana peels, vanilla, and brown sugar. The taste further brings soft flavors of honey, toffee, warm zest of orange peels, and roasted nuts. 

Final Thought 

The Bacardi is the largest privately held spirit company in the world, and the Bacardi Gold rum is considered an international sensation due to its taste and appearance. It has a pleasant flavor of caramelized brown sugar, sweet ripe banana, vanilla, honey, toffee, and roasted nuts. The gold rum works perfectly in cocktails so, should be given a try to get the best taste out of it. 

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