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appletons white rum

Appletons White Rum Originating from Jamaica, It’s produced by Appleton Estate. Appleton Estate is the world’s only sugar estate situated inside a rich karst cockpit structure. The rum developed by Appleton Estate is crafted up of sugar cane growing inside the Nassau Valley. Therefore, Appleton Estate Rum is an essence of this specific terroir.

This is a rum focused on molasses, processed from field to glass through a mixture of pot-distilled and column-distilled rums that are mixed and matured in oak barrels for around 2 years. Besides, the final rum is lightened up by carbon filtration that eliminates both colors as well as impurities.

Fast Facts About Appletons White Rum

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, its country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Appletons White Rum are below.

Rum Type

White Rum

Price Point

Less Expensive

Origin Country



40.0% ABV

Appletons White Rum Notes 

Nose, Taste, and Finish are the three main qualities that discern different types of rums from one another. The Nose is the scent of the rum. The Taste is obvious, it’s the mouthfeel, and the different flavors you can determine when you take a sip and swirl it around.

Finally, the Finish is when you swallow the sip you took, the flavors that come through when it’s sliding down. To the left are the tasting notes for Appletons White Rum.

Appletons White Rum Appearance

Pure, without any hazing, division, or drifting sediments. 

Appletons White Rum

Appletons White Rum: Our Personal Take

Due to the ABV being just 37.5 percent, it appears to cut back a fair bit of the alcohol burning. Although you can detect a good amount of alcohol and it burns a bit, it is not nearly as rough as the others. There is always a lacquer impact but there is heavy sweetness as well. The flavor of boiled sugar is quite clear. It proves to be remarkably fine with one ice cube. This rum is specially cut out for the moments when one prefers something sweeter, compared to the typical harsh rum. Its finishing is quite moderate due to the soft but crunchy blended anise, toffee, and vanilla detections.

Final Thoughts

It is such a good rum, given its cost/class. The rums that are below $15 mostly leave you with a bad experience. But this rum is not one of them. It is part of the white rums of a stronger society. Being authentic, transparent, and cheaper, it is considered as higher quality than Bacardi. If you want white rum, this is a really good option for you.

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Recommended Drinks To Make With Appletons White Rum

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