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appleton vxAppleton VX rum is the oldest and Jamaica’s famous of all of the sugarcane spirits. The distillery is well known as Appleton Estate and situated in the Nassau Valley in the Southwest of Jamaica. Initially, Appleton estate was manufacturing various pot still rums.  

Appleton VX is a Jamaica Rum, also known as Appleton estate’s flagship brand.  It is an excellent combination of numerous rums that matured between five and ten years. These rums are hand-blended. The spirit then matured in large oak vats for many months that aging allows the flavor, character, and bunch to fuse completely. This final result of the whole procedure is a fuller, more smoothed rum. 

Fast Facts About Appleton VX Rum

Rum type: Gold and aged Rum.

Price Point: Moderately Expensive.

Country of Origin: Jamaica.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%.

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Appleton VX Rum Notes

Appleton VX Rum is a signature rum of Appleton Estate distilleries in Jamaica. The rum has an appealing light gold color, with a woody aroma and sweet-spicy taste. 

It has a bit high alcohol by volume percentage that is 40%.  The spirit is full of flavors and oak wood aroma with the hints of spices and sugar. 

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Immense coarse woody aroma with the hints of spice and sugar. 
  • Palate: All-encompassing flavors of warm spices and charred woody oak. 
  • Finish: Gentler and sweet with hints of spice and notes of nicely integrated oak wood.

Appleton VX Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

The Appleton VX Rum is packed in a transparent bottle with a signature maroon and fawn color label. The upper part of the bottle has a maroon circular label printed with VX. Below there is a square label with “Appleton Estate” printing. Underneath this, “Jamaican rum” printed on a thin black color stripe. Company details such as its address established year, etc. are printed at the label’s base. The cap of the bottle is red with thin golden stripes that are at the base of the cap. The whole packaging depicts the old aged and sophisticated package of rum.

Rum Itself 

The Appleton VX Rum has an alluring appearance with the richness of flavors. The spirit has a strong dint of oak wood and sugar with hints of spices. 

The Appleton VX rum has rich flavors and a smooth palate. The finish is gentle with the spicy hints and sweet notes on the palate that gives overall a delightful experience to the rum lovers.

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Appleton VX Rum, Personal Take

Appleton VX Rum is gold and aged rum with a delightful taste and rich flavors. The spirit is a bit expensive, and mostly drinkers with acquired spicy and sweet taste spend money on it, and the taste is worth every penny. Rum lovers call it a Jamaican gift. 

Final Thoughts

Appleton VX Rum is a Jamaican famous, gold, and aged rum. It has a mesmerizing light gold color, the aroma is woody, and the finish is spicy with reminiscent of sugar. So, if you are going for a vintage rum-party, Appleton VX Rum is a must-try.

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