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appleton estate signature blend

By far one of the more mainstream sipping rums on the list, Appleton Estate Signature Blend is a fantastic bottle to have on your shelf at all times. Your more experienced rum connoisseurs will happily accept Appleton Estate Signature Blend as a fine drink, and those that have little to no familiarity with sipping rums can become acquainted with the spirit through this bottle.

Strong enough to represent a potent rum while remaining mellow enough to become a favorite of most who sip it, this rum is a must have for every serious home bartender. Other bottles come and go, this one must be a constant staple.

Fast Facts About Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, its country of origin, and the ABV (alcohol by volume). The fast facts for Appleton Estate Signature Blend below.

Rum Type

Gold and Aged

Price Point

Moderately Expensive

Origin Country



40.0% ABV

Appleton Estate Signature Blend Notes

Tasting Notes

Appleton Estate Signature Blend : Packaging and Product

appleton estate signature blend

Appleton Estate Signature Blend : Our Personal Take

Some of the rums we cover in our constant drive to savor a good sipping rum can be met with some derision and skepticism; Appleton Estate Signature Blend is not one of them. We sip the lows and the highs, and this is most decidedly listed towards the top of the list. Not one of the most expensive, and maybe not even one of the most exotic, be certainly one of the most rounded and smooth sipping rums you can get.

When you’re looking for a widely accepted rum that can be enjoyed by novice and experienced rum sippers alike, this is the bottle you’re looking for. Not too weak, not too strong, this Goldilocks bottle fits the needs of neat sippers as well as those looking for a flavorful mix.

Rum Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

Fine enough to be sipped, strong enough to add potent rum flavor to a mix, all while being acceptable to beginners and master sippers, Appleton Estate Signature Blend is an absolute requirement to have on hand so you can please any guest that may pop on by. This rum is well rounded but remains strong and for that, we believe this is a must-have bottle.

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Recommended Drinks To Make With Appleton Estate Signature Blend

The best way to enjoy a high-quality rum such as Appleton Estate Signature Blend is to utilize it in a nice drink. Below are four great drink recipes that will be enhanced by utilizing Appleton Estate Signature Blend in place of any low-quality rum you may consider.